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Last week at SAP Sapphire Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer at SAP, launched Enterprise Automation with SAP including SAP Build, SAP Signavio and SAP Integration Suite. Enterprise Automation uses Artificial Intelligence, Robotic process automation, process management and mining combined with event driven automation and reusable content to automate as many routine tasks as possible. 

For Enterprise Automation with SAP skip to: 1:10:50

Release Alert:

One of the major highlights of SAP Signavio May release for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is Actions, a new capability that helps you close the loop from insight to action. 

From now on, you will be able to go end-to-end in your process improvement efforts with our new Actions feature, which allows process analysts to set up rule-based conditions (e.g. cycle time goes beyond a threshold, a non-compliant variant is performed by a user, some specific data values apply, or any combination of similar conditions) that, if fulfilled, generate an action. SAP Signavio Process Intelligence enables now process analysts to trigger workflows directly in SAP Build Process Automation or other 3rd party tools, leveraging webhook technology.

This is exciting news, as the timing is perfect. Analytics predict that 75% of large organizations across all industries will rely on processes trained and shaped by Artificial Intelligence to shift to digital-first operations by 20261. As the same time, we see that 38% of technology buyers state the types of automation they use don’t work well with each other2. 
As Julia White mentioned at the SAP Sapphire “Only SAP has the entire technology stack to fully automate your end-to-end business processes”, our offering includes process integration, automation, and continuous improvement:

  • Enhance processes and increase efficiency. 

You can automate repetitive, people-centric tasks with SAP Build Process Automation and free up people for meaningful work and reduce errors. Pre-build content enables you to jumpstart your automations and save time on your projects.  

  • Integrate applications and simplify automation  

SAP Integration Suite enables to connect SAP and non-SAP applications and reduce complexity across your systems. SAP Build Process Automation enables process analysts trigger automations, workflows, and bots automatically when specific business events occur. 

  • Continuous Insights and immediate impact: 

SAP Signavio helps to identify bottlenecks and automation opportunities and adapt automation as needs change. You get access to the process best-practices with more than 200k industry benchmarks.

SAP Sapphire Example

I want to go through the example of the business process that was presented at the SAP Sapphire. Let us imagine we are working together at the factory that produces sustainable ice cream cups. We need to make sure that the ice cream compostable packaging gets to the right place on time. We use SAP Signavio to identify areas for improvement in our existing processes.

SAP Signavio Process Insights

Our process analysts notice that 65% of our sales orders are incomplete.

SAP Signavio recommends a pre-built automation to automate sales order creation with the help of SAP Build Process Automation that is natively integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud. There are thousands of pre-built automations and integrations available for us to jumpstart your process automation projects.


Besides the quick fixes SAP Signavio helps us to analyze our business process inefficiencies in detail. We see that order processing time is below target, and our automation rate is also lower than it should be. To understand exactly what is happening, we can drill into individual processes. Based on the data we learn some sales orders are blocked because of missing material codes on the Purchase Requisitions from our customers. We notice that our customer wants compostable ice cream cups, but they haven’t provided the corresponding material code. Which makes sense, because people think in cups, not material codes. As a result, without the right code, the purchase order is blocked, and we can’t deliver our product. Instead of manually updating all the incomplete purchase requisition, we utilize embedded AI to search past purchase orders and look for material code that matches the description “compostable ice cream cups”. Once a match is found the material code is automatically updated in the purchase requisition. Based on the defined process, this requisition is then sent to an approver for a last mile check. The approver reviews the material code to confirm it is indeed the right one. This approval triggers a purchase order to be created automatically in the ERP system. 

SAP Build Process Automation


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence




Now we are sending this order to our warehouse to schedule delivery to the customer. Our supplier runs a fully on-premise system. Using SAP Integration Suite that connects SAP and non-SAP systems, our SAP S/4HANA Cloud sends the delivery order directly to the suppliers' on-premise system. 

SAP Integration Suite

Just like that with pre-built content, integrations, and workflows Enterprise Automation with SAP solutions enables you to achieve higher process efficiency faster and easier. 

If you want to find out more details about our latest product updates, please visit our detailed release blog post. 
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