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Every developer is unique, and every developer likes to use a different set of tools. A good development environment must be extendable and open so that every developer will be able to extend it. This is the reason we built SAP Business Application Studio (a.k.a. BAS) as an open and extendable development environment. It leverages the best of breed industry standards, which allows us to benefit from the large and growing content created by the developer’s community.

BAS is based on an open source IDE called Eclipse Theia, which embraces Microsoft Visual Studio Code (i.e. VS Code) experience and APIs. It means that many of the VS Code Extensions developed by the community are compatible and can be used in BAS.

With these VS Code extensions, you can enrich your dev space with features that will help you develop faster and more efficiently.

You can add more language tools for code assist, static code analysis, and code formatting. You can also support new snippets that will accelerate your coding and prevent syntax mistakes.

You can use tools that simplify the integration to source controls and other repositories. You can even change the way your IDE looks, with the many nice (and even nicer) themes that were developed by the developer's community. Have you ever imagined your IDE in pink?

Cute Pink Light Theme


But where can you find all these community extensions?

On March of this year (2020), Eclipse Theia established a new marketplace for VS Code extensions called Open VSX Registry. This registry contains hundreds of VS Code extensions and it continues to grow each day. The extensions in the registry can be installed in any IDE that supports VS Code extensions – which BAS does.

Open VSX Registry


We have added a new Extension view to BAS where you can explore VS Code extensions directly from the Open VSX Registry and install them with a single click of a button.

Open the Extensions view



By double-clicking on any extension, you will get the extension overview page, explaining the extension's features and capabilities. By clicking the Install button, the selected VS Code Extension is installed in your dev space and is activated immediately for using.

Extensions view


Before using the Extension view, you must acknowledge that the content that you are about to see is retrieved directly from the Open VSX Registry. Neither the registry nor the content in the registry is owned or controlled by SAP, hence, enabling and using extensions from the Open VSX is your sole responsibility. Before the first use of the Extension view, read carefully the disclaimer and, by accepting it, the Open VSX Registry content will be visible to you. You can always open the disclaimer from the view and read it again.

It is also recommended that you review the extension’s license and capabilities before installing it on your dev space.

Once you install an extension, it is saved in your dev space and becomes an integral part of your IDE. Some extensions were not designed to work in a cloud IDE, or they require a runtime environment or authorizations that BAS does not support. In such cases, the extension may throw an error during installation or simply will not work on BAS.  You can then uninstall the extension from your dev space.


We are sure that you will see the value of the community and will soon have a list of extensions that help you to develop faster, making BAS the best IDE for your development tasks.

Let others know about any extension you think they can benefit from – just comment on this blog or write your own blog about the value of this extension.