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In my two previous blogs New key figures: Analyzing/Monitoring exceptions during delivery due processing and New key figure: Analyzing/Monitoring exceptions during billing due processing I described new key figures that help analyzing exceptions which occur during two important steps within a typical Order to Cash process, the delivery creation and the billing document creation Another important process step is then the transfer of those billing documents to the accounting module FI and/or the controlling module CO. This activity is performed in background by the SAP system once the respective SD billing document has been created and saved. All documents that could not be successfully posted can be displayed and released via transaction VFX3. But as so often this "old" transaction has some limitations if you want to analyze exceptions systematically:

  • Transaction VFX3 only allows displaying documents for one single sales organization at a time. So you cannot directly compare exceptions between different sales orgnaizations.
  • VFX3 also has another limitation that you can only see the reason of the posting failure in some (typically rare) cases via the post status (field VBRK-RFBSK), i.e. an accounting block exists (status ‘A’), the account could not be determined (status ‘B’), a pricing error occurred (status ‘F’),or export data is missing (status ‘G’). But in most cases the status is blank, i.e. you just get the general information that an error occurred in the FI/CO interface.

The following key figures (available for Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoing in SAP Solution Manager) allow to get the same information but across all sales organizations. You can find the new key figures in the setup environment at 

  • Application Area "Sales & Services" > SD Invoices (AR) > Sales invoices not posted to FI
  • Application Area "Sales & Services" > SD Invoices (AR) > Sales invoices not posted to FI via index

These two key figures have been further enhanced in order to ovecome the limitation for those entries with post status blank. As of ST-A/PI 01Q you can flag Incl. log data on the selection screen. Then for all documents with post status blank an additional selection is performed on corresponding log tables in order to search for exception messages. The result list then contains not only the post status information but also a column Message Text which should show precisely what problem occurred in the FI/CO interface, e.g. accounts blocked, CO-PA transfer not possible, missing or incorrect master data. The new ST-A/PI can be downloaded via the SAP Service Marketplace

Example screenshots

An example detail list for "Sales invoices not posted to FI" could look as follows:


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