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Our world is becoming more and more automated from self-driving cars to detecting your shopping preferences to automatically managing the heating and cooling of your home when you come and go. But when we experience issues with these products or services do we want our customer service support to be automated as well?


I wouldn't be surprised if we found varying opinions on this subject. Some customers want to speak to a real person on the other end when dealing with customer support while others (such as myself) don't mind the slightly "arms-length" route via on-line systems, chatbots, apps or support texts as long as I'm not having to repeat my information or issue over and over. And how companies handle their customer support requests is taking a front seat in many boardroom meetings as a strategic topic, according to a Dimension Data 2017 Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report - 81% of companies recognize customer experience (CX) as a competitive differentiator yet just 13% self-rate their CX delivery at 9/10 or better. That's where SAP's Service Ticket Intelligence comes into play by using a machine learning service designed to help organizations run customer service ticket operations in a more efficient manner with a better customer experience in mind.


SAP Service Ticket Intelligence helps organizations build a self-driven customer service system using machine learning algorithms from the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation which is cloud service developed on SAP Cloud Platform's Cloud Foundry. It learns from historical classifications of service inquiries based on natural language text in customer service tickets breaking down the semantics and structure of the words and sentences in order to create a feature representation. This feature representation is then passed into a neural network that learns to classify the text based on historical examples. Learning from the past enables the system to automatically classify future tickets as per your company's categories effectively reducing customer support response times and stream-lining the customer support process. And the learning is on-going, as more data and user feedback comes into the system the algorithms improve over time reducing any complexity associated in maintaining rule-based classifications.

So what's the end result? The On-Demand Economy has created a customer where the immediate provisioning of goods and services are not enough, customers also demand efficient and effective customer service to go along with those products and services. And customer service agents are now expected to manage many more consumer interactions, at the same time meet higher expectations in terms of response times and provide a seamless consumer experience across various channels in an organization. To enable customer support agents in improving operational efficiency SAP Service Ticket Intelligence can recommend solutions or articles from knowledge based systems to help the agent as these recommendations are based on information from similar tickets that have been answered in the system.


Is SAP Service Ticket Intelligence only for SAP customers? No, ISV partners can embed this cloud service into their own service offerings via RESTful APIs (documentation take be found here) and take advantage of tapping into SAP's own learning on how we as an organization manage the tens of thousands of customer support requests across our various software products and cloud services.


If you are interested in understanding more about how SAP Service Ticket Intelligence can be utilized in your product or service as an ISV, please contact us to find out more on how you can embed and OEM some of SAP's technology into your own applications.