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As they progress through their digital transformation, companies are increasingly compelled to deliver a continuous and enticing digital experience, independently of underlying data, applications, and organizational silos. Facilitating the interaction between human and technology leads not only to increased efficiency and business agility but also to more prosperous employee, customer and partner relationships.

With an increasing demand for self-service and user-centric interfaces, companies are often struggling to harmonize access to siloed back-end technologies and address the needs of different categories of users. In their quest for a viable solution, our customers are discovering that digital experience portals play a critical role in delivering an engaging and secure experience that allows users to seamlessly interact with diverse application and backend technologies – over both mobile devices and the web interfaces.

SAP Cloud Platform Portal Unifies Digital Experience Across Business Processes

SAP Cloud Platform Portal is uniquely positioned to help you deliver a single point of entry for your company’s applications, documents, web contents, etc. – whether from SAP or other vendors. Specifically, it allows you to empower users by streamlining data access and allowing them to engage in business processes, easily, securely, and from any device.

In essence, SAP Cloud Platform Portal helps you to deliver the right content to the right people, making all your business apps and content just click away.

Take the example of NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative Ltd, Singapore’s largest retailer. The company has chosen SAP Cloud Platform Portal to develop a new portal that enhances and automates supplier collaboration, which relies on diverse back-end applications. With the new unified user experience, NTUC’s workforce can now take advantage of SAP Cloud Platform technology to increase productivity, handle and exchanged forms automatically across the supply chain, and communicate with suppliers more effectively. With better collaboration with their suppliers, the company can now launch new products more quickly and simplify the maintenance of the articles.

A Digital Experience that Streamlines your Business and Delights your Users

At SAP we have invested a great deal in improving your digital experience. With SAP Fiori User Experience we have transformed the way you interact with our applications and personalize your working environment. SAP Cloud Platform Portal embraces SAP Fiori UX, allowing you to enjoy the same familiar user experience across all your digital entry points. Your users can now get the information they need faster, collaborate effectively, and extend their experiences easily - without worrying about their UX ever getting out of date.


Connecting People to the Digital Business World

Recognizing that users have different preferences and companies need to enforce corporate governance policies, SAP Cloud Platform Portal allows IT to set up a common framework and implement secure access best practices while leaving ample room for the users to personalize their own experience.

But we are not stopping here. With the recent introduction of SAP CoPilot – our first-generation digital assistant for the enterprise – we are making simpler for users to interact with applications.  You can now add conversational UI to S/4HANA and make it accessible for your users easier than ever before.

Stay tuned to uncover how we can help you engage all users with a holistic digital experience across your business processes. Find out more at SAP TechEd Digital Experience session: Las Vegas, Bangalore and Barcelona.