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Custom attributes, assigned to EEM robots, can be easily activated. It gives you the possibility to improve your view to the running robots. We will go step by step through the activation of the attribute fields.

A good way to group your robots is to define pseudo locations by using the default functionality as shown below (Fields “Region”, “Country” and “Location”). Of course, you can assign additional custom attributes to the EEM robots as well.

Activating the custom fields allows you to attach additional information about your robots. This can be a contact person for the location of this robot, a geo coordinate, or something else – related to the robots.

In our sample we will add a geo location and the name of a responsible person to the robot.

Step  1 – create the fields

-    Open transaction SE16

-    Provide the table name: “EEM_LOC_LEVEL”

-    Create a new entry with “F5”

Create two new entries, one for coordinates and one for the responsible person. Leave the field “LOC_LEVEL” empty to prevent them showing up in the monitoring UI. Use the names "Coordinates" and "Responsible".

If you return back to step “2.6 Configure EEM Robots” within the “Solution Manager Configuration Work center” you will see two more columns where you are able to define the additional data as shown below (the two new columns “Coordinates” and “Responsible”).

If you provided a numeric value in the field “LOC_LEVEL” the new data can be seen within the EEM configuration as well as in the EEM Monitoring UI. Another place could be within a tool which is using the data to show them in a map view as shown below:

See more details in the EEM Documentation here:

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