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This end-to-end tutorial offers a walkthrough of an Android based Mobile Retailing application for any developer. This application is based on the Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM). This application uses native Java code to send HTTP requests to SAP Mobile Platform cloud server using the HTTP REST APIs. These HTTP requests are used to register the device on the server, request data from the server and send data to the server.

The application uses SDMParser library to parse the OData response. Also it uses SDMPersistence to store the data locally on the device for future use and SDMCache to store the data in the memory while the app is running.

This tutorial guides you through the ready-to-run Mobile Retailing development scenario which includes:

•          Set up of your Development Environment from scratch (Section 1)

•          Setting up the Application on SMP(SAP Mobile Platform, enterprise edition, cloud version) and Gateway services (Section 2)

•          Retrieval of data using SMP from an ABAP backend using OData Services (Section 3)

•          Deploy and run the Mobile Retailing application on an Android device (Section 3)

•          Understanding the important bits of code (Section 4)

The source code of the Android mobile retailing application can be found here

You can find the end-to-end tutorial here