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Using the SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors Platform APIs, debugging or traceing can be enabled/disabled for specific connector instance. In this blog detailed steps to enable trace on specific connector instance has been showcased.


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Enable tracing in SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

The tracing can be enabled at a per connector instance level. To get the connector instance, navigate to Instances and then select the Instance Id for the connector instance you would to enable debug/trace.


The Platform APIs are embedded into SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors portal. To go to the Platform APIs , select API Docs.



Select Instances from the List of Platform API Documentation. This would open the interactive API Documentation to our Instances PF APIs. Scrolling down a little you would notice APIs PUT /instances/{id}/trace-logging to enable debug for specific instances and DELETE /instances/{id}/trace-logging to disable debug. Select the option PUT /instances/{id}/trace-logging and then select the Try it out button.


Enter the copied connector instance id to your id field and in the config enter the optional duration interval. The default duration is 60 minutes.  The recommendation is to have a short duration as required. After the duration is specified click on the Execute button.



After the debug has been switch on, you can make the API calls for the instances by selecting the API Docs for this instance or via your Client applications.

This would start tracing the request & response body for the connector call. This can be viewed from the Activity API Logs section.