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Product and Topic Expert

last changed: 20th of March 2023

by default the User (SAP<SID>USR) which is used to move the data from the primary Database to the SAP IQ Database doesn't have the necessary permissions to execute the options in Transaction DBACOCKPIT in ABAP.

Note 3223681 - New features for DBACOCKPIT on SAP IQ (cumulative Release)
contains the TCI for SAP_BASIS releases 750 SP11-SP25 and 753 SP00-SP09
for SAP Basis 7.56 (BW/4 2021) the new DBACOCKPIT for IQ is part of the SAP Basis 7.56 SP03

SAP Help - Introduction | SAP Help Portal

Note 3212812 - DBSPACE usage screen correction for TB and PB in DBACOCKPIT for SIQ dashboard
Note 3195407 - Maintenance Tool for DBA Cockpit SQL Scripts
Note 3194864 - Transaction DBCO - length of passwords in maintenance of database connections
Note 3200708 - DBA Cockpit: Support for long passwords for database connections

please note that with NetWeaver 7.56 or 2021, only the IE11 Control is still supported and legacy functions are called now externally with a current Web Browser like Chrome or Edge.

Blog - SapMachine and SAP HANA Studio

In newer ABAP System adapt the SICF setting systemloginjs
Note 2900689 – SAPGUI for HTML. WebGUI logon not working on S/4 Hana 1909

activate service systemloginjs with tx. SICF

SAP Help - (NetWeaver) SAP HANA Smart Data Access (SDA) for Near-Line Storage in SAP IQ
SAP Help - (HANA) SAP Authorization Objects

DBACOCKPIT of IQ - selected features

Furthermore, it is more suitable to move the additional permissions to another user, like already with SAP HANA, called DBACOCKPIT to separate the permissions. To change the necessary IQ Options mentioned in the following Note, these additional permissions are also mandatory.


In addition, you should also know that the DBCO connection create in tx. DBACOCKPIT cannot be used to properly move the data to the IQ Database known as secondary Database. However, the created DBCO connection for NLS/ILM can be used to connect the DBACOCKPIT, as it is enhanced with several additional parameters needed. 


Note 3094594 – Enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT
Note 3017355 – SAP IQ 16.1 SP04 PLx – correct SAPIQDB.cfg settings
Note 3119008 – Configure SAP IQ and HANA for SDA/ODBC
Note 3196447 – troubleshooting an existing SAP IQ 16.x Implementation for NLS/DTO and ILM

More Details of the complete SAP IQ Setup can be found in the Document mentioned here:
Note 2780668 – SAP First Guidance – BW NLS Implementation with SAP IQ

Blog - SAP IQ Audit Process (SAP ILM, SAP BW NLS/DTO, and Standalone SAP IQ)
the new functionality delivered with the DBACOCKPIT for IQ automates the workaround now.


Transaction DBCOCKPIT is much better to support SAP IQ for the SAP standard Use Cases and also replace the retired SAP IQ Cockpit based of the Adobe Flash Technology which was stopped by End of 2020.

The Reason for seeing ABAP and WebDynpro based screens is the fact, that SAP stopped the Support of the IE11 Browser, with the current SAP GUI 7.70 still support the IE11 Control.

Blog - SapMachine and SAP HANA Studio

a extensive SQL- Editor is now available!

and where light is, is also shadow - the danger of the SQL Editor of DBACOCKPIT

SAP IQ Backup Event can be directly created and triggered in the DBACOCKPIT!

Additional Maintenance for User/Roles/Alerts and Events (improved)

Audit Process - list dangerous SQL Statements in IQ

Adding DBFiles is possible and DBspace is possible now

Creation of User DB Spaces

The Functionality is available without any restriction with the mentioned SAP Notes above ...

no more SAP IQ Monitoring Drama ...

solving the questions like:
- Graphical Administration Tool for SAP IQ 16.0 (missing)
- SAP IQ Cockpit GUI replacement for 16.1
- Automating SAP IQ backups using IQ cockpit
- Prometheus Dashboard – How to monitor SAP IQ metrics using Prometheus

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics, SAP SE


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