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In this blog series you’ll find how to enable your Fiori Launchpad Portal with the Workflow Fiori Apps in the Cloud Foundry Environment, create and deploy your Workflow Project, configure your Mail Destination for Mail Tasks and also you'll learn how to set up a Technical Authentication for triggering Workflow Instances through other applications. You can use a trial or productive SAP Cloud Platform account (currently available only on trial accounts).

In my case I’m using a trial account. In case you don’t have any, you can create a new one following this quick tutorial.

So, let’s start with the first part: Enabling the Fiori Launchpad Portal with the Workflow Fiori Apps. This is a team work, big thanks to Javier García for working this out with me 🙂

Enter the cockpit and go to Boosters, click on Set up account for Workflow Management:

Click on Start and wait until all the process is done:

Starting the Booster will automatically enable the Workflow Entitlements and Role Collections you need to start using and developing Workflow Projects in the platform.

You can check the Entitlements already added by clicking it in the menu and typing Workflows in the search bar (look that in my case I'm using a trial account, so my service plan is lite😞 

And also you can check the Role Collections for Workflows already configured:

Important note: If for some reason the Role Collections isn't automatically generated with the Booster. You can create a manual one with the Workflow related roles as the fields selected in the image above (go to Role Collections tab in the left menu to create it, and later assign it to your user in the user tab or in Trust Configuration).

Now, let's enable the Fiori Launchpad Portal with the Workflow Fiori Apps. Go to Subscriptions and search for Workflow Management:

Important note: If for some reason you aren't able to see Workflow Management in the Subscriptions tab, go to the Entitlements tab in the left menu, click on Configure Elements and later on Add Service Plans, search for Workflow Management and add the saas-application service plan.

Subscribe the service and after is done, click on Go to Application:

Now you can see your Fiori Launchpad with all the Workflow Fiori Apps enabled:


You can enable your Fiori Launchpad Portal in the Cloud Foundry in different ways, however this is the fastest way to enable it with all your Workflow Fiori Apps ready to consume.

If it appears an error in your My Inbox app, don't worry, it will be fixed once you start deploying workflow projects. Check out the next blog post (here) to learn how to deploy a Workflow Project with the Business Application Studio and keep practicing using the Workflow Services in the Cloud Foundry environment 🙂