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The CFO's office faces the daunting task of balancing recent market volatility and economic uncertainty with their organization's finances. At the same time, they need to sustain growth and facilitate a wave of digitalization –seventy percent of executives say the pandemic has expedited their organization's digital transformation. To respond to these new challenges, finance departments need to turbocharge their own digital transformation.

The importance of the CFO office means you cannot afford a slow and arduous digital transformation. While your transformation goals are similar to other departments –real-time access to clean, error-free data and analytics and centralized data that break down silos –finance needs a quick implementation that starts informing decisions immediately and avoids unnecessary downtime.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud can achieve finance's goals while speeding up implementation and data's time-to-value with prebuilt business content. These tightly integrated data management and analytics solutions offer an end-to-end digital transformation that will centralize your data in a robust, high-performing data layer with streamlined analytics. However, it's with prebuilt business content that finance teams can jump-start their digital transformation.


Prebuilt Business Content

Prebuilt business content includes predefined models to connect and centralize your data sources in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and prebuilt analytics dashboards for SAP Analytics Cloud. These content packages from SAP are available inside SAP Data Warehouse Cloud's Content Network.

SAP and our Partners are continuously developing LoB and industry business content packages, so be sure to check back often. There are currently two prebuilt business content packages available for finance from SAP.

The 1) Financial Analytics Dashboard for SAP Analytics Cloud content package offers three dashboards. The first two SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards visualize finance data from SAP S/4HANA Cloud for real-time insights into key financial indicators like profitability, operating expenses, assets, and liabilities. The third dashboard uses prebuilt SAP Data Warehouse Cloud data models to combine financial data from SAP S/4HANA Cloud and HR data from SAP SuccessFactors. Using HR and finance data, the dashboard shows expense KPIs for your full-time employees (FTE), including headcount, open positions, and other FTE trends to help benchmark departments.

The 2) Finance for S/4HANA Cloud dashboard visualizes critical financial metrics. This dashboard measures business performance - from drilling down into your profit and loss (P&L) or balance sheet to getting an overview of your operating margins and earnings before interest. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud powers the SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard by replicating live financial data from S/4HANA Cloud.

Here's how SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud's two content packages can decrease your data time-to-value.


Live and Trustworthy Data

Arguably more than any other department, finance needs to ensure the fidelity and accuracy of their data. Unfortunately, finance data is often segmented and locked in different systems, making it difficult to combine and analyze. When data is exported and disconnected from the source system, it automatically becomes less trustworthy. Problems with unreliable data or data latency are only compounded in times of uncertainty when finance wants to monitor KPIs in real-time.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can unite all data sources to provide a single source of truth that's easily accessible with drag-and-drop modeling. Simple modeling means that finance can own more of the data management without being overly dependent on IT. With this unified data connected in real-time to SAP Analytics Cloud, finance no longer has to worry about data becoming outdated or losing trust in data.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Data Flow.


Both prebuilt business content packages can kick start finance's path to live and reliable data. The predefined SAP Data Warehouse Cloud models can centralize finance data from SAP S/4HANA and combine it with HR data from SAP SuccessFactors. Finance gets real-time access to data and analytics with the included SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards.


Pain-free Analytics

Live data feeding directly into your SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud means any changes in your data will automatically be visible in the dashboard.

Importantly, SAP Analytics Cloud encourages collaboration, so live dashboards are easy to share and discuss across the organization. SAP Analytics Cloud provides tools for collaboration during the data consumption phase, with features that allow you to ask colleagues about specific data points, assign tasks to teammates, and share private versions. Other departments can jump into a dashboard and get the critical insights they need to make decisions. This way, your finance team can tackle daily demands while your dashboards provide strategic input for other departments and leadership.


[caption id="attachment_31829" align="alignnone" width="627"] One of the included dashboards.


Both prebuilt business content packages - 1) Financial Analytics Dashboard for SAP Analytics Cloud and 2) Finance for S/4HANA Cloud - provide a wealth of ready-to-go information in the included dashboards. These content packages are tailor-made for your various finance and supply chain scenarios.

For example, on the predefined P&L dashboard page, you'll get an overview of all KPIs relevant to profitability, including year-over-year and plan vs. actual comparisons. SAP Analytics Cloud is intuitive, so business users across the entire organization can work with the interactive dashboards themselves. Self-service analytics will help free up your analysts who no longer need to spend additional time supporting other departments.


Adoption Without Disruption

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, powering SAP Business Technology Platform, provide the office of the CFO and finance departments with an agile digital transformation with limited disruption. Prebuilt SAP business content only expedites the process by enabling you to extract value from your data right away. This way, your team can quickly respond to any industry challenges and uncertainty.