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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Bridging Functionality and UX

Picture SAP Software. Got something like this in mind?

SAP GUI Interface

In the world of enterprise software, SAP stands for unmatched functionality and seamless business process automation. But, let's face it, conventional business software hasn't exactly been hailed for its user-friendliness. This Linkedin Post hits the nail on the head in describing the importance of a modern Interface. In simpler terms, the disconnect between functionality and user experience in business applications isn't just inconvenient; it can leave users yearning for more intuitive and visually appealing solutions, finally taking a hit on user adoption rates.

As the spotlight on software user experience keeps getting brighter, we've taken up the mission to challenge this stereotype and unveil the endless possibilities within the SAP ecosystem.

Introducing: Demand Genius

Our Internal Demand Generation Tracking Tool: Click Here to get to the Recorded Demo

Demand Genius comes with SAPUI5 as the Front-End JavaScript Framework, full-stack development via SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), and a UX built on Fiori Principles. Leveraging SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and constructed with SAP Business Application Studio (BAS), it showcases the synergy between various tools and technologies.

Centralized Efficiency through Design-Led Development

Prior to developing this app, our team relied on a patchwork of disparate tools and spreadsheets, to keep track of ongoing opportunities, manage various tasks, and integrate processes. This fragmented approach not only led to inefficiencies but also hindered collaboration and real-time decision-making. Recognizing the need for centralization, we wanted to create an app that consolidates various functions into a single entry point with the flexibility of SAPUI5 Integration Cards.

Leveraging SAP Solutions

Our journey toward creating a productivity-boosting SAP app underscored a pivotal lesson: user experience is integral, not optional, for successful enterprise software. By putting the user at the heart of our endeavors, we have not only improved our team's efficiency but also elevated the way we engage with technology to achieve remarkable results in our dynamic business landscape.

This app now stands as a testament for SAP to harness the potential of its own powerful solutions and frameworks while following a Design-Led Development Process. By bridging the gap between functionality and aesthetics, Demand Genius has paved the way for a more efficient and delightful experience within the SAP ecosystem. Together, we are shaping a future where SAP not only excels in functionality but also captivates users with seamless and engaging interfaces.

Curious about the technical aspects? Feel free to reach out for more information and stay tuned for additional blog posts on this topic.