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As mentioned in my overview blog about #innotakeoff, there were 3 tracks in the competition: Students, Startups and SAP Employees. In this blog I’d like to give an overview of each of the projects from the SAP Employee teams.  SAP employees benefited from participating in the #innotakeoff chiefly by gaining upper management awareness about their project and extending their network.

There were a total of 5 employee teams, with the following projects:

1. IoT application builder: It helps developers, partners and customers to efficiently create IoT applications within few hours using the standard templates built by this team. It allows a tremendous cost reduction in development and maintenance processes for developers, partners and customers in the IoT space. Furthermore, it offers coherent and state-of-the-art IDE tailored for IoT purposes. The team demonstrated a very cool demo of data gathered from Star Wars bb8 droid and developed an application showing the insights from that data using IoT application builder.

2. Zelda: Employees spend more time than necessary locating a place within campus or a resource, so they end up doing multiple steps to accomplish a simple task done. A virtual assistant, Zelda, helps to locate needed resource or answer a question to accomplish simple tasks. SAP can improve productivity of employees through Zelda so that they could focus on building great products for SAP end users. It is an application that acts a virtual assistant for smart campus that helps employees to find nearest meeting room, parking spot, and printer location etc. at the convenience of their fingertips.

3. Path to Wellness: Its main objective was to take care of physical, social and mental wellness of the employees. It gathers data from IoT wearables and use that aggregate level data to analyze the effectiveness of wellness programs, perform health risk assessment based on daily health checks and periodic surveys and provide recommendations. It also gives that extra push for the employees to stay active and creates healthy competition among co-workers. This means that the HR wellness manager will be able to engage, empower, and improve the health condition of their workforce by rolling-out cost-effective, customized wellness programs and initiatives which will benefit the organization as well.

4. IoTa: For employees who need to collaborate on an ad-hoc basis, IOTa is a versatile and easily expandable cloud-based infrastructure micro service. It allows to generically manage events, based on people’s interactions with things to trigger follow-up actions in subscribing client applications. It breaks down IoT silos such as healthcare, travel, and productivity. and bring all events together and helps you to plan all the events and combine them to give you recommendations for the next steps. For example, if it is raining and you can’t bike to work, then the app will automatically ask you if you want to book a ride on Uber. If you reply no, it will ask you if you want to send message to your friend to see if he or she wants to share a ride with you. If your friend replies yes, he or she gets the directions to pick you up and once you arrive at the office, it gives you an alert about the available nearby parking spot. All this has been developed using HCP IoT services.

5. Economic indicator running on big data platform: It showcases the great value that lies within the data of the Ariba Pay platform and builds an economic indicator on Hadoop / HANA Vora to pave the way towards many more such projects by using a big data platform. The new intelligence and be consumed through APIs or our native HANA apps on HCP.

Among these ideas, Path to Wellness, IoTa and Economic Indicator running on Big Data platform were chosen as top 3 contenders. And among those top 3 groups, jury announced ‘Path to Wellness’ project group as a final winner. And I am happy because I was coach for this team and my team won :smile:

The winners were presented with some cool gadgets like Parrot Bebop 2, Skycontroller, Myo Gesture Control, Fatshark Dominator HD for each team member. The awards were distributed by sam.yen

You can also reach out to us via Twitter (@saphcp)

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