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As we know that power of event mesh is available for ECC Customers Blog and are being popularly known as SAP NetWeaver, add-on for event enablement, it’s popularity among the customers leads to usage of this add-on also for SAP S/4HANA, And Why Not. The flexibility which is provided by this magic box is remarkable and you are not just restricted with Standard Business Object, but Custom object as well. You can get the detail of the announcement here. However the existing event on S/4HANA will continue to be available and customer have the flexibility to use both approach as per there needs. However it should be noted that A migration from one technology to the other will not be possible as both technical implementations are quite different.

In my previous blogpost , I have shown how you can emit and sync notification events but in this series, i will try to explain how you can emit data events from backend.

Data events is truly a remarkable feature as you can emit whole chunk of relevant data to the event mesh and you don't need to worry about relevant API calls, which you have to make during notification events. The another most advantage of data events that you can combine data coming from multiple databases and sync in your views as per your business scenario. there is a nice blogs post from muralidaran.shanmugham2explaining a detailed feature of this Addons.

Quick Setup for Notification Events:

Please go through the below both parts to do the quick setup and receive the events into your Queue. Just make sure that in this scenario we are considering Material Business object BUS1001.

Extend Setup for Data Events:

1. Create Database Views

We have to create database view to fetch data from General Material Data(MARA) , Material Descriptions (MAKT) and Units of Measure for Material(MARM). The idea is to fetch all relevant data for material master and push to event mesh.



You have to ensure that your joining condition be as simple as it can be so that it can hit all the required DB and fetch all the relevant data .

View Join Condition

2. Add View Detail on Add-on Configuration

It's time to edit the outbound objects of your add-ons and update few details  as shown in the snapshot below. You will notice that the database view detail are also given the Extraction View Name. Ensure that your Extraction Function Module and Formatting Function should also be same as shown in figure below.

Add-on Config: Outbound Objects


Add-on Config: Header Attributes

Test Your Setup:

Create Material using MM01 and give the below details and monitor the events in event mesh. Have you notice something really exciting!!

Data Events

"id":"MATERIAL20210813113635.4642340 ",
"MATERIAL_DESCRIPTION":"Pipeline Material",

SAP ERP Extension on SAP Discovery Centre

We have released a Mission for event-driven extension scenario for SAP ERP 6.0 which is available on SAP Discovery Centre . You can watch the Mission Demo video from here. This will demonstrate how we can extend the SAP ECC without disrupting any core business processes. To get more insight about our extension scenario and steps involved, Please refer our sample reference application here

Happy Eventing 🙂