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SAP Host Constance Pfeiffer opening the Business Process Transformation Forum in Berlin

What an amazing few months it has been for the SAP Signavio community.

The Business Process Transformation Forums, which began in Melbourne, touched down in Scottsdale, stopped by the beautiful Lake Como, and concluded in Berlin this month, were a testament to the communities commitment to not just keep up with the pace of change, but leap ahead.

Augusta Spinelli's opening keynote in Berlin encapsulated the spirit of transformation, underlining the convergence of influential technologies and their pivotal role in reshaping the future of business.

Augusta Spinelli, EVP and Global Head of SAP’s Adoption Services Center, delivering a presentation at the Business Process Transformation Forum

One of the most resounding messages, as articulated by Rouven Morato, was the necessity for agility and adaptability. In the face of inevitable change, it's the entire operating model of companies that must evolve, not just isolated strategies.

Rouven Morato, General Manager at SAP Signavio, during his Keynote presentation at the Business Process Transformation Forum

And if there’s one thing we learnt from the thought leaders, partners, and customers in Berlin, it’s that organizations need to have the ability to change quickly, and that means the entire operating model, not just the CEO’s strategic decisions, it’s about shifting the entire organization in how it operates.


Welcome aboard, LeanIX

In Berlin, we also celebrated the confirmed acquisition of LeanIX, a move that signifies the harmonization of architecture and process. Gero Decker and Rouven Morato took to the stage, warmly welcoming Andre Christ and the LeanIX team to SAP, a union that promises to bolster the pursuit of transformation with a unified approach.

Andre Christ, Founder and CEO of LeanIX, on the day SAP officially acquired LeanIX


Artificial Intelligence? We’re at the Forefront.

Artificial Intelligence is a word that seems to appear everywhere we look these days, with Neil Ward-Dutton of IDC getting more than a few laughs when he joked that he was happy to speak about something other than Generative AI for a change during his presentation on Process Observability.

“[Process] observability, is essentially being able to look inside a complex system and really understand how everything is working,” said Neil.

Ever the thought leader, Gero Decker delved into the evolution of SAP Signavio, highlighting what he coins the three generations of process management, with the third being none other than AI-powered process transformation.

Gero Decker's three generations of process management

“I told you,” Gero said, “generation one was centered around process modeling and collaboration, bringing people’s knowledge together. Generation two was about process analytics, a data-driven approach as the norm. What’s number three? You guessed it, Artificial Intelligence.”

Gero Decker at the Business Process Transformation Forum in Berlin

It is clear that SAP Signavio is in a perfect position to leverage all of the data, the domain expertise, and also the vast partner ecosystem to leverage AI possibilities that will benefit and improve business processes within organizations.

Plug and Gain? We told you so!

A notable highlight was of course the plug and gain approach, unveiled at SAPPHIRE earlier in the year and now 6 months later has already demonstrated significant impact on companies like Brenntag, Siemens Energy, and Diehl.

Fabrice Armbruster, a business transformation expert at Diehl, spoke of the accelerated decision-making this approach fosters, facilitating a guided tour through decision-making for SAP S/4HANA transformations.


Fabrice Armbruster, Business Transformation Expert at Diehl, pictured during a customer panel session at the Business Process Transformation Forum in Berlin

The advantage of this innovative approach is already clear and confirmed by customers and partners alike. It not only accelerates decision-making but helps organizations to leverage cutting-edge technologies for process enhancement.

Value of Community? There for all to see!

The value of community was apparent throughout, with the Forum serving as a platform for shared insights, networking, and the exchange of expertise. That’s why the Business Process Transformation Forums this year were more than just events; they were a call for businesses to embrace the waves of change with agility and foresight.

By integrating technologies such as AI and the cloud, leveraging new approaches like plug and gain, and fostering a robust community dialogue, organizations will not only survive but thrive in this evolving business landscape.

With the commitment to continuous learning and collaboration, SAP Signavio has set the stage for enterprises to become the best versions of themselves, proving that the strength of the past, when combined with the vision for the future, can forge a path to unprecedented success.

For those who wish to revisit the insights, the session recordings from the Business Process Transformation Forum in Berlin, Scottsdale, and Melbourne, as well as the Executive Summit in Lake Como, are all available online.

Don’t be a stranger, let us know if you were in attendance and name one of your highlights or an insight of choice with the community - comment below!

Crowd image at the Business Process Transformation Forum in Berlin