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Have you ever received a request from the user to enable them to visualize both the operational multi dimensional reports along the SAP Analytics Cloud stories,if yes ,this could be a blog to look for the guidance.

Iam sure most of you may have seen this architecture

User story: Our team is supporting a customer with a reporting requirement built out of a custom Core Data Services route ,the challenge was with the longer processing times and extraction of data out of the multi dimensional report built on the Core Data Services.

Alternate Approach:We proposed an Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud route ,by consuming segmented custom analytical queries as data sources and applying relevant story level and page level filters,achieved a faster rendering time and option for the users to extract the data on a .csv file.

Ok,wait isnt this quite what we do on a day to day basis ,yes thats right .Users came back asking for more,they would like to have a provision to move/jump from a GLaccount/Profit Center/Cost Center/Sales Order/Purchase Order/Warehouse/Process Orders/Planned Orders and other columns on the SAP Analytics Cloud story to the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud version of data,either to validate or dig deeper in to the information.

Users were aware of the property to move from the multidimensional report to either material display or Sales order display etc ,but not sure how this could be achieved using the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud and were quite unsure if the SAP Analytics Cloud route would really cater to the user reporting needs.

It was time to turn to the whiteboard,after a thorough evaluation of the requirement,we were able to confirm that the SAP Analytics cloud provides a flexibility to link external URL's through the hyperlink feature,the approach was proposed to the customer and they agreed to proceed with a POC .


After a successful proof of concept and by gaining the customer confidence , we were able to empower the business user community towards the value and usage of embedded SAP Analytics Cloud .

By leveraging the SAP Analytics Cloud approach ,it reaffirms that the application proves to be a starting place for your analytical and operational reporting needs ,provides felxibility to drive insights to action in a lesser time and validation to the lowest granularity as possible.


It is a great feeling to be a part of the success story of the customer and the evolution of the SAP Analytics Cloud as a product ,and it is a privilege to share the success story with the SAP community.Please share your feedback on this blog through the comments and let me know what would be your topic of interest in the data and analytics space ,I will research,incorporate the same with the field level experience from the customers and other partners.

Special mentions: Pulkit Kulshrestha for believing in the idea and spearheading this effort.