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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Every organization today is looking to evolve their IT landscape to become or maintain leadership in their markets.   A major component of this transformation exercise is ensuring that the systems in the landscapes are connected and have seamless information flow to deliver the relevant and contextual data that drives business. The key to getting this right is to ensure that the organization has a clearly defined enterprise-wide integration strategy. (Refer to our ISAM-based Integration Assessment Tool)

The SAP Integration Suite product team is proud of the product vision and strategic investments that have been made to make SAP a leader in the integration market.  SAP Integration Suite provides our customers with a best-in-class, reliable and holistic enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that supports any-to-any application integration requirements that are evolving the market today (be it API-led or event-driven integration patterns).

This blog is addressing our customer base running system-to-system integrations in our enterprise service bus based solution SAP Process Orchestration. SAP Process Orchestration, and our various variations of on-premise middleware solutions, have been used by our customers for over 20 years. The evolution of IT landscapes has led to a mix of cloud and on-premises applications from many vendors which require hybrid and heterogenous integration needs. SAP Integration Suite’s 200+ connectivity options (technical and application) and open platform provides all the integration needs across the enterprise.

The SAP TechEd 2022 keynote highlighted our focus, and re-emphasized our recommendation, to SAP Process Orchestration customers to consider a move to SAP Integration Suite by reusing the assets and skills built over time. You can watch the opening keynote here. The segment on integration which mentions some of our investments to support our SAP Process Orchestration customers transition to cloud can be found here:

Our recommendation is that new integration projects should be implemented using SAP Integration Suite. For SAP Process Orchestration customers, we are providing tools and services that will help accelerate the move to SAP Integration Suite while reducing risk and complexity.

The move to SAP Integration Suite, like every transformation project, requires preparation and a programmatic approach:

  • Assess & Plan: assessing your current SAP Process Orchestration landscape and the interfaces built over time, scoping the migration complexity/effort and planning the migration

  • Migrate: reuse of SAP Process Orchestration assets (e.g. mappings) that have been built over time and migrating them to SAP Integration Suite

  • Test: testing and ensuring that migrated assets still provide the expected results and final validation before go-live

To support each of these stages, SAP Integration Suite brings to you a set of tools that will accelerate your modernization journey:  a.) assessment, b.) migration and c.) test automation tools.

The assessment and migration tools are generally available as of 21st Jan (product documentation) and can be used by all our customers and partners having an SAP Integration Suite, standard or premium edition license or Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA).

Blogs on how these tools can be enabled and utilized are linked here:

Also at SAP TechEd, we had announced our plans to collaborate with our partners to deliver access to automated test tools for free during the migration. To provide you the best of tools available in the market, we have worked with our trusted partners Int4 and Figaf.  They have agreed provide  their test tools for free, up to 12 months, for the migration from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite - Leverage free test automation tools to accelerate your migration from SAP Process Orchestration to S...

In addition to these tools, SAP and our partners provide necessary services that can be leveraged as part of the modernization journey. The SAP migration factory for integration has been active for over a year now. We have found many of our qualified customer benefitting with this free assessment and planning service from SAP.  (more information). SAP Process Orchestration customers can also leverage partner and SAP delivered support and services which are specifically designed to support the migration.

Take a look at our product page for more information regarding the modernization journey.

Few more reference links: