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Why read this blog:

After sharing experiences with some of the customers I came across some common problems faced by them. I became very keen to write about this as it might help some people who are adopting PI B2B Addon. Please share your experiences as well.

Problem in focus:

Similar problem can be seen with different combinations of Message Type / Version.

Route to the problem :

Mentioned below are the steps that are generally followed by the customers. In executing these steps you will encounter the error that has been discussed in this blog

1. PI B2B add-on is deployed and the requirement is to use the EDI - XML converters. Mainly EDIFACT and ANSI X12.

2. Import the B2B content file via the Import option available in EDI Content Manager.

3. To modify an existing message type use the Control Key Copy functionality in the Message Editor view of EDI Content Manager.

4. This creates a new Control key (Demo1) with the selected Message types (say for example INVOIC, DESADV for version 96A) from SAP Control Key. They have this Control Key for these message types.

5. To test some of the conversions create a scenario association.

6. If the correct Control Key Name/ Interface index is selected, then testing the conversion for INVOIC and DESADV is successful. Hence, select the correct control key in this case it is Demo 1/2.

7. The problem becomes apparent when the user wants to convert a different message type that is not included in the control key Demo1. For example ORDERS is present in SAP Control key. But even on selecting the combination of SAP / 1 while conversion the error persists.

8. The error look something like below:


In above example since both the rows in the scenario association table has all the entries as '.*' so during conversion time control key Demo1 is picked (even though in the conversion page SAP / 1 was selected). As we know Demo1 did not include ORDERS message type so the conversion error occurs.

This is not a bug. The mistake the end user does is in step number 5. If one goes through the PI B2B Addon's official documentation then it is mentioned that a PI scenario (i.e combination of Sender Party, Sender Service, Receiver Party, Receiver Service, Interface name, Interface namespace) should be associated with only one Control Key Name.

This essentially means that there should be no two same PI scenarios associated with different control keys because each control key is meant to be executed with a different PI scenario.

So if the second row is changed to some thing similar to below screen shot then the conversion will work. (Provided FS_ER is a valid Party )