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Wondering what all those have in common? OK, I tell you in a second, just keep on reading.

As every year in March, next week the Eclipse community will be gathering for its flagship event - EclipseCon. This year it will be held in Reston, Virginia (near Washington, DC) and I'll have the pleasure and privilege to talk there about a very interesting and hot topic: Cloud Development with Dirigible in the Eyes of a Java-saurus.
Now, if it's the first time you hear about Dirigible (I mean in this context :wink: ) - it's a cloud development platform, part of the Eclipse Cloud Development top-level project, providing both development tools and runtime environment. It supports full development life-cycle of cloud applications by leveraging in-system programming models and rapid application development techniques.
In the session we'll discuss how development of cloud applications and services with Dirigible looks like - in the eyes of a hard-core veteran Java guy like me. We'll draw some analogies to the Java (EE) development model supported out-of-the-box by HANA Cloud Platform and also explore how the two models differ. We'll see which Dirigible concepts look smarter and could ease development of cloud applications and increase productivity, and in which aspects Java is still stronger and continues to strengthen its positions. The ultimate take-away from the session hopefully will be that the wise combination of both approaches can lead to better software and business outcomes.
So, if you happen to be at EclipseCon next week and I was able to arouse your curiosity, please feel invited to join me.
     When: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 15:00 to 15:35
     Where: Hyatt Regency Reston, Hall Town Center AB
Meet you there!