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It's time to celebrate! The latest and greatest version of Eclipse Dirigible - 5.0 is now officially released in the Open Source world!

Beyond just being the 5th major release of Dirigible for the last 5 years, it's also a very special milestone for us, the Dirigible crew. It's time to recognize and celebrate the last five years of efforts and hard work in the Eclipse Foundation, five years of innovations and renovations, five years of turbulent cloud technologies, five years of ups and downs, and five years of amazing memories in the community ...

... and finally after 5 years in the Eclipse Foundation, we've successfully grown from “an incubation project” to a mature project with an active community, stable builds and regular releases.


more than 3,000 commits, since the "Initial commit" on 11 May 2015 in eclipse/dirigible


Dirigible Labs

One repository is not enough to hold the entire Dirigible project and all of the innovations that are happening around it. Several years ago, we realized that there is a need for a separate GitHub organization, where the community could unleash its innovative spirit and grow ideas independently from the main repository.

almost 400 repositories full of samples, core components, extension modules, APIs, clients, templates and more at DirigibleLabs

SAP Origin

It's also time to remember our roots - Dirigible was initially open-sourced by SAP in the official SAP GitHub organization at:

It's been a long road since then, but the project goal hasn't changed a bit - make the business applications development in the cloud great (again)!


Our Home - the place where you can find everything about Dirigible, its mission, the latest releases and downloads, video materials, samples, blogs and of course how to become part of the crew.

"Eclipse Dirigible just turned five years in open source. Five years in Eclipse Foundation within the Eclipse Cloud Development group. Five years of innovations with many friends around the globe, lots of realised dreams, first-class happiness."

- Nedelcho Delchev, Celebrating 5 years in Open Source


New Features and Major Improvements

With the 5.0 release, we've introduced major improvements and enhanced capabilities for the application developers such as:

For more information about the new features in Dirigible 5.0, see more here.

What's Next?

For the next Dirigible 6.0 release we are planning to focus the project goals onto more Low-Code capabilities and turning Dirigible into Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP):

  • More citizen developer oriented - bring back the BizON application, for faster and easier development of business applications, without going into details

  • Templates separation - separation on Database, Entities, APIs, and UI templates

  • More templates - OData, Open UI5, Fiori Elements, React, ...

  • Mobile application capabilities

  • WYSWYG editor(s) for building custom forms

  • Integration with Kyma

  • Integration with Luigi

Get Involved

Submit new issue(s) with ideas, feature requests and/or existing problems at:

Contact us at:

Learn more at:

Watch videos at:

Follow us at: