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When using Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager, it is sometimes required that alerts should be separated by organizational units (e.g. sales orgs) so that each organizational unit is informed individually about their status and result for a key figure.

Of course you can achieve this by setting up individual monitoring objects for each organizational unit. But often, this is not feasible due to the high number of org units (e.g. 900 different sales orgs would require the manual configuration of 900 different monitoring objects).

An easy way to achieve this separation is to use the function "Aletring on Analytics". In this, you first set up an analytics object to load the aggregated data into the Analytics cubes in Solution Manager, and afterwards you configure an Alerting on Analytics object that raises individual alerts per org unit.

So you only have to configure 2 objects instead of 900.

If now you want to send individual alert emails to the org units, you can achieve this via the so-called notification groups and decision tables in the BRF+ infrastructure of SAP Solution Manager.

The BPMon use case description 6.1 Alerting on Analytics with Notification Grouping takes you end-to-end through the required configuration steps on Solution Manager 7.2 using the above example of the separation of the number of overdue sales orders per sales org, while also linking to the detailed technical setup documentation available.