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At Penn State, maintenance technicians work smarter and faster, thanks to the SAP Work Manager and SAP Inventory Manager mobile apps (former Syclo apps).

The Office of Physical Plant at Pennsylvania State University is graduating with honors. Its responsibilities are enormous, covering everything from power generation and steam allocation to cleaning classrooms and maintaining facilities. And since Penn State is a multi-campus organization with a population of 96,000 undergrad students, 5,600 faculty, and 12,000 support staff, it means that the Office of Physical Plant is essentially managing a small city.

In the past, maintenance assignments were distributed in a way that left much to be desired. Technicians would first check in with dispatchers, and then a multi-stage process would take place that was inefficient, time-consuming, and, in retrospect, “kind of a hassle.”

Now, it’s difficult to overstate the impact of the mobile solutions from SAP. With the SAP Work Manager mobile app, Penn State’s workforce has everything it needs to efficiently install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field. By eliminating paperwork, not only is the work cycle shortened, but technicians can also work more efficiently and with agility, responding to actual conditions quickly. The SAP Work Manager mobile app proves particularly useful in emergencies by enabling dispatchers to reassign the right resources with the right skills to address the right issues.

The SAP Inventory Manager mobile app has also proven to be invaluable. By enabling precise tracking and paperless management of inventory, it helps increase productivity, lower costs, optimize the supply chain, and improve customer service.


According to maintenance engineer Bill Steudler, “The Syclo/SAP merger brings a lot of value to the table, especially with the business analytics that are going to become available.” He looks forward to soon converting Penn State’s growing wealth of data into actionable information. Overall, he appreciates that the mobile solutions from SAP/Syclo are helping Penn State to be “more productive, work smarter, control our costs, and do more planned work.”

Watch the video to learn more about how Penn State taught itself to be more productive than ever, thanks to mobile applications from SAP. Want to increase the efficiency of your organization? Perhaps it’s time to head back to school …