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In this blogpost I would showcase how to change logo dynamically for a Qualtrics survey. We have situations where we would need to change the logo for the same survey or reuse the survey for different customers. In such a situation we can make use of embdedded data to pass the image.


You can refer to the below Qualtrics support link for more details on Embedded Data.


Demo Scenario

Create a simple survey first. There are ample blogs and documents for the same. You can refer the below link for more details on that.


Next, create two embedded data field.


Go to Survey Flow, and click on add below. Select Embedded data.


Add the fields necessary. And move the embedded data block to the top as we need this at the launch of the survey.


Next, set the conditions as below:


Now we have the CompLogo parameter which will receive the image path/url and we will put it in the image tag by passing it to BrandImage field.

Once we publish the survey, the response would be as below. There wont be any logo.


Next, we assign the BrandImage Field value to Header in General Options in Look and feel settings.

P.S. We actually assign the logo to header field, not the Logo options. 


Once this is done and activated, we are ready to pass the image URL in the survey URL. To do it, we have two options.

  • Use image url we received from the web

  • Upload Images to Qualtrics Graphic Library


For the first option, I will use a random bestrun image src I received from the internet.

We pass the image url in the field CompLogo. The below screenshot with response shows the embedded data field CompLogo being passed with the image URL.


In the above image, the logo is not sized properly, and it is spread across the page. We can fix this in the embedded data. Go to Survey Flow and do the following changes in BrandImage value. Use the div tag to get the image to center and set the width and height for image src.


Now the survey preview would look as follows:

Another option is to upload images to Qualtrics Graphic Library and use the URL in the CompLogo Field.



Choose the URL of the image and pass that to the Survey URL Field CompLogo.


This is how we can dynamically change the logo for the survey at runtime.