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Problem statement & Current Situation: A customer has multiple trading partners, which are using the proxy system (ex APIM) and communicating with Cloud Integration capability of Integration Suite through a common Authorized User, unable to utilize dynamic support of AS2 sender adapter.

Example, We have a receiver system and two partners Partner 1 and Partner 2, which are communicating with the receiver system. Client sends the Purchase Order request to both partners.

Partner 1 is directly communicating (via CIoud system) with receiver system whereas is using a proxy system, say APIM.

Issue: It is difficult to identify the sending partner behind the proxy system, which is a prerequisite for evaluating dynamic properties.

Need: To enable the customers with a mechanism to identify the actual sending partners behind the proxy.
In this scenario, we need to resolve the identity of both the partners when they send responses.

Solution: AS2 Sender adapter (version 1.13 onwards) is enhanced to resolve incoming Partner ID based on Partner ID Resolution Source.

AS2 Adapter configuration settings

You may select among the following values to determine the source of Partner ID:

  • AS2 Partner ID Header: to use the AS2 Partner ID header as partner ID

  • Authorized User: to fetch the partner ID from values specified in partner directory against authorized user

  • Dynamic: if you select dynamic, you must specify authorizedUser or as2PartnerID value in SAP_AS2_Pid_Resolution_Mode parameter of partner directory, with pid of authorized user
    To learn more, refer Parameterizing Integration Flows Using the Partner Directory | SAP Help Portal

Here, in this scenario, Choose Partner ID Resolution Source as Dynamic while defining the integration flow properties.


Partner 1 is directly communicating (via CPI system) with receiver system. So, this partner will be identified against Authorized User value.

Latter is using a proxy system, APIM. So, the partner identity is resolved via AS2 Partner ID Header.

Another Issue:

Both partners send their respective details and invoices (in the payload).

Each have different set of configurations, let’s say latter sends encrypted messages and former does not.

Need: To resolve the unique and dynamic configurations of each partner

Solution: All the partner specific configurations will be mapped with respect to Partner ID Resolution Source.

Since for the latter one (using APIM), the Source is AS2 Partner ID Header. System will resolve the values of other fields like Decryption Configuration Type, Decrypt Message etc after verifying and mapping against the AS2 Partner ID Header value of Partner ID Resolution Source field.


The dynamic and unique configurations of different partners are maintained seamlessly against the Partner ID Resolution Source.

Note: AS2 MDN sender adapter version 1.10 onwards supports similar functionality. See, Configure the AS2 MDN Sender Adapter | SAP Help Portal

To know more about the dynamically configurable fields, refer Configure the AS2 Sender Adapter | SAP Help Portal.

Summary & Benefits:

Through this enhancement, you would be able to derive following benefits:

  • Identify partners behind proxy system

  • Resolve dynamically configurable properties corresponding to Partner ID

  • Share the same client credentials (ID and Secret Key), to all the partners

  • Use single integration flow too for multiple trading partners (with partner specific configurations)

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