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There is an ongoing debate among business leaders when it comes to driving efficiency versus productivity. By definition, efficiency is focused on doing more with less, whereas productivity is directly tied to performance – doing more with the same. So how can organizations leverage the same resources to accomplish even more?

When it comes to developing innovative business applications that can create competitive advantage, productivity-focused businesses can equip both IT and line of business resources with new and better tools. With a low-code development platform, both IT and line of business resources can design, develop and release new transformative applications more productively.

Business Productivity

The Value of Low-Code for Business Productivity

A low-code development platform is software that provides a development environment used to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming. It reduces time and cost, makes IT and LoB developers more productive, and helps make essential applications available more quickly.

SAP’s Digital Transformation Office was facing several challenges that were impeding their productivity. They were trying to capture and deliver on complex requirements across the enterprise; provide multiple stakeholders with visibility into and control over scattered views of data; improve visibility, collaboration and communication among team members.

By using SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix, they developed a fact-based system to steer their efforts. It provides data harmonization, supports their integration processes and delivers role-specific views into transformation initiatives. The application was developed 10 times faster by using low-code versus traditional coding methods. By leveraging a low-code development capability, the Digital Transformation Office achieved productivity gains, both in their development and use of the new app.

Driving Exceptional Outcomes

According to Harvard Business Review (1) and Bain and Company, employees want to be productive, but the organization too often gets in their way. The average company loses more than 20% of its productive capacity – more than a day each week. Leaders with a productivity mindset will make sure their talent has the tools and inspiration needed to be more productive. Research suggests that the best companies are more than 40% more productive than others, and this difference in productivity results in significantly higher profits – operating margins 30% - 50% higher than industry peers – and faster growth.   

It will be exciting to learn more about how other companies are using low-code development to enable greater productivity and accelerate their important business initiatives during Mendix World which begins on September 1st. Join ‘How Love’s Travel Stops is Accelerating App Development with SAP & Mendix’ in a Discover What’s Possible session.

Learn how you can use low-code development to drive even greater business productivity!

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1 – Harvard Business Review, Great Companies Obsess Over Productivity, Not Efficiency, March 2017, [Michael Mankins, Bain and Company]