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Product Change Management is a cloud based collaborative change management process involving partners, suppliers and customers. The vision is to link change processes and impacted objects from various execution systems and to leverage impact analysis from manufacturing, engineering, procurement, supply chain, customers and inventory. This will give a streamlined processes and responsibility management.

It has always been challenging to realize the business complexities by defining certain distinct process steps, that too, from the scratch. And all the more, when it is around Product Change Management, which involves several stakeholder with varied expertise, collaborating together to evaluate the impact of the change. Then came the Collaboration(EPD-Collaboration) with Workflow Management, to the rescue.

Change Evaluation in Collaborative Change Management across the extended enterprise

Now imagine, if you (customers) are to choose from pre-delivered templates, with these kind of combinations of distinct workflow steps! Furthermore, with the flexibility to just drag and drop,  to realize the perfect Process Variant, suiting the corresponding business need, then? Wouldn't it be great. Indeed, this now is almost a reality.

It begins with customizable Process Variants: which involves configuration of process variants for LoB experts, process extensions, decisions and responsibilities.

Based on the business variations and level of complexity, you can create your own Process Variants, from standard or customizable set of processes, via simple drag and drop.

You can look at the sample process variant for Product Change Management.

Process Variant: Sample with the possibility of drag and drop


Eventually, now you also have the flexibility to define the right Performance Indicators, against which you would like to measure the process flow.

You can look at the sample performance indicators for the Product Change Management.

a) Process Visibility: Analyze Performance Indicators for Logistic Option

b) Process Visibility: In-depth analysis of the Performance Indicators

c) Process Visibility: Deep dive of Process Impediments

This is complemented by Process Visibility, which provides the best insights with the Analytical Dashboard. Enabling you to gain the E2E process visibility, and analyze various performance indicators (as defined by you).

Interestingly, once such beginning is accomplished with the integration of Enterprise Product Development (EPD-Collaboration) with Live Processes.

EPD-Collaboration with Process Variants (Upcoming)

During the course of a Collaboration with a vision of Collaborative Change Management, you can add a Process Variant with predefined processes from Collaboration itself, involving the necessary stakeholders from the Collaboration participants (whom all you need to invite).

Besides the option to navigate to the corresponding Task in My Inbox from Collaboration application, you can also launch the Process Visibility dashboard from Collaboration itself.

We will soon be realizing our vision of including process variants in Change Management Collaboration tool.

If you want to explore the content more, then visit Product Change Management package in API Business Hub.

Let's summarize: This package provides options to collaborate with stakeholders to evaluate change impact during a product change lifecycle. Different process variants are based on business variations and level of complexity. The variants give the flexibility to the business users to customize the process steps for simple or significant change, together with internal or contractual manufacturing. Process Visibility captures several events throughout the change request process, providing business users the ability to monitor these change requests and key performance indicators like incoming change request per day, average engineering cost based on logistics options etc. in real-time during their day to day operations.

To know more about SAP Enterprise Product Development-Collaboration - please refer the Help documentation

Stay tuned!