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SAP Analytics Cloud - Transport via content network storage helps to share/transport the content between tenants for Life cycle management workflows. This Blog post will cover the new feature enhancement related to the download/upload of the Content network package as *.package file ( 2022 QRC4)

Download/Upload of Content Network package to physical file (dot Package)

Now users can download the Content Network package as (*.package file) from version 2022.21 (QRC4 2022). This enhancement helps in the following use case.


Use case

Archiving Package

By default content network storage comes with 300 MB of space. The storage is provided for transport reasons. Often users have to clean old transport to make space for new transport. With this enhancement, users can download the old package as *. package file and store externally in their version control systems.

Transport between restricted tenants.

Few customers have SAP Analytics Cloud tenants in a mixed landscape. For example development in non-EU Access and Production tenant in EU Access. For security and compliance reasons content stored in non-EU Access cannot be shared with the EU Access tenants. In these scenarios, users can download the Content Network package a *.package file and upload them to destination tenants. tenants.

Alternative for *.tgz file export.

Transporting via content network package supports more SAC objects compared to *.tgz export. Many customers using tgz have moved to transport via Content network. Since the export of *.tgz is planned to be deprecated soon (Q2 2023). Download/Upload of Content Network package is goto alternative for users who are still using *.tgz

How to enable this Feature.

This functionality can be enabled in System > Administration > System Configuraion Settings.


Customers who do not want their users to export the content out of their cloud application can switch off the feature. By default, this feature is OFF.


Steps to export *.Package file.

  1. Login to Source SAC tenant.

  2. Go to Transport > Export > My Content.

  3. Choose the Required package and click Download Icon to download as *.package file.

  4. The package will be downloaded to your browser's default download location or the User will be prompted for download location based on the user's browser settings.

Steps to Import *.Package file in destination tenant.

  1. Login to destination SAC tenant.

  2. Go to Transport > Export > My Content.

  3. Click on the upload icon, choose *.package file and upload to the ACN repository.

  4. Got to Transport > Import

  5. Choose the package and import to SAC file system.