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Since Process Integration/Process Orchestration 7.31 became GA, I’ve been receiving many questions on where to download the software.  But, first let me provide more information which is many times presented in a confusing manner.  (I might be guilty of this also)

It has been said many time that Process Orchestration (PO), which bundles PI, BPM and BRM functionality together, can be installed as a single SID.  This is true only for the java-only installation of AEX.  With a dual-stack PI installation, BPM/BPM will still have to be installed on a separate JEE server. Licensing for NetWeaver Process Orchestration is CPU-base and calculated based on the combined sizing of PI, BPM and BRM capabilities.

Within the installation wizard of the installation master, to install PO, we have to choose the Process Integration and Orchestration Package installation.  This installation provides a java-only AEX single-SID installation for PI, BPM and BRM.  It is also worth pointing out that it is not necessary or required to use BPM or BRM at all with this AEX if you choose this installation option; one can just use the integration features of PI as before.  However, in the post-installation steps, we should include both AEX and Process Orchestration tasks or Functional Unts.

For dual-stack installation, the steps remain the same as previous PI installations.  Only PI features will be installed.  There is no BPM or BRM functionalities included with the dual-stack installation.

PI 7.31 software is now included with NetWeaver 7.31.  There is no separate area to download PI 7.31, as in the past with PI 7.1.  This can be confusing, because PI 7.31 is not listed anywhere.  In the Service Market Place, the download is at (authorization is required for access)

SAP Software Download Center --> Installations and Upgrades --> A-Z index --> N

     --> SAP NetWeaver --> SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.3 --> Installation and Upgrade

(Choose the appropriate OS and database for installation.)

During PI 7.31 installation, to install Process Orchestration (single-SID installation for java-only PI, BPM and BRM), use a similar path as below (this example uses MSS on Windows Server):

After installation, please reference the following notes for post-installation steps:

Process Integration:  Note 1414465

Process Orchestration:  Note 1548120