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  • You want to upgrade your existing SAP NetWeaver AS Java based system from release 7.0x to 7.3x (or to 7.4x or 7.5x)

  • You want to use the lean usage type concept of SAP NetWeaver 7.3x and reduce the system footprint



  • Un-deployment of components is not possible

  • A fresh installation of an AS Java 7.3x based system (with subsequent mahual migration) is more effort


Solution: Deployment Optimization Option (DOO):

  • It allows you to "drop" dedicated ussage types that you don't need

  • It is based on a special cooperation of Maintenance Planner and SUM

  • It is available now, as part of SUM 1.0 SP08 (and higher)


Usage Types in SAP NetWeaver 7.3x

Usage Types are building blocks of SAP NetWeaver, and are selectable installation units. SAP NetWeaver 7.3x has a leaner concept of usage types compared to SAP NetWeaver 7.0x. Freshly installed AS Java based systems may benefit from this concept and have less software components, which means

  • shorter start/stop times

  • less memory and disk usage

  • shorter runtime of software maintenance

An example is the decision to install Adobe Document Services (ADS) as a separate Java instance, and not with any given AS Java based system.



But how about existing systems after an upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.3x? An “undeployment” of software components is not possible, so upgraded systems do not benefit from the concept of lean usage types.


Now Deployment Optimization Option (DOO) is the answer!


As an example, it is possible to "drop" CE and ADS usage types using DOO to get an upgraded system as lean as a freshly installed system.



Another example is to (additionally) remove usage types BI Java and EP in case only component "EP Core Application Portal" is necessary/used.



DOO Procedure

The procedure is simple: decide about Java usage types to be dropped in Maintenance Planner, and SUM will do it for you during the upgrade.


Maintenance Planner

As usual, you start the Maintenance Planner and plan your upgrade. In the phase "Choose stack", when you select the target, you deselect the usage types that you don't need in the table of the "Additional installable Java instances". You continue as usual, and finally, Maintenance Planner delivers a Stack.xml that includes the information about the software components that will be removed.


Software Update Manager (SUM)

As usual, you start the software maintenance tool SUM, and provide the stack.xml generated by Maintenance Planner. This way, SUM knows exactly which software components must be dropped.


Usage Types that can be removed with DOO

The following product instances may be removed with DOO, that means in an upgrade from AS Java 7.0 to 7.3, to 7.31, or to 7.40:

  • Adobe Document Services

  • BI Java

  • Enterprise Portal

  • Composite Application Framework

  • Composition Platform

  • Guided Procedures

As mentioned before, dependency has to be taken into consideration.


Technical background

It is not possible to un-deploy usage types on top of AS Java. But the DOO procedure is based on the switch-based upgrade of the Java part of SUM. This procedure makes use of a shadow system to build up the new repository for AS Java 7.3x. With DOO, the deselected components are not deployed to the shadow system and therefore not part of the upgraded system.



Handling of customer components

Customer components that are based on SAP components which will be skipped, can and have to be deselected on the SUM UI during the SUM run.

Customers have to ensure that data (on the database) related to these customer components are separately saved and/or transferred separately



Additional Information



  • DOO is only available for an upgrade for AS Java based systems from release 7.0x to 7.3x (or higher)

  • It is only possible to remove usage types based on their dependencies: you cannot remove EP without removing BI Java

  • On ABAP systems, it is not possible to undeploy software components

  • Don't mix up DMO and DOO:
    DMO is the database migration option of SUM for update and migration of ABAP-based systems, see blog reference below



  • SAP Solution Manager >7.0 SP23 or SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (any SP)

  • Software Update Manager (SUM) 1.0 SP08 or higher


Relevant SAP Notes

  • SAP Note 1759081 - Conditions for SUM feature Deployment Optimization Option


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