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There are major differences between the Neo and Cloud Foundry environments and we heard from our users that it is sometimes hard to tell, which features and processes apply to which environment. Hence we decided to create dedicated documentations sets for both of them. This way also links to further resources become more precise as you don’t have to check anymore for which environment the linked material applies.

So we have introduced changes to the SAP Cloud Platform official documentation. Now the documentation for the Neo environment is separated and is accessible via a separate category at the bottom of the SAP Cloud Platform product page, along with its Feature Scope Description:

Source: SAP Help Portal, SAP Cloud Platform Product Page.


What changes?

The main difference you will notice is the new access point to the Neo environment documentation, as shown above. If you have bookmarked documentation pages on topics that used to be common for the environments, those bookmarks will continue to work and lead you to the relevant pages in the Cloud Foundry documentation. As the Neo specific information is now separated in this new structure, please bookmark any Neo relevant pages again.

Also, to ensure clarity, Neo specific pages now contain this note:

Source: SAP Help Portal, any documentation topic in the Neo environment.


What does not change?

You could still find the What's New information in its usual place. Just filter by Neo environment, if you want to see the release notes only for Neo.

Also, we remain committed to provide you with up to date documentation for all of SAP Cloud Platform features and services, regardless of the environment.

Please share your comments here and/or continue to share feedback via the channel we have embedded in the documentation.