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The health of your business processes plays a critical role in whether or not your company remains competitive. Stuck processes or backlogs can translate directly into lost revenue, while delays or inaccuracies in financial reporting can have adverse effects on auditing and the ability to detect fraud. So, how can you ensure that your processes support your organization by executing efficiently, accurately, and dependably — preferably without enduring a painstaking, resource-consuming evaluation of every last process detail?

You could, of course, start from scratch, but nobody wants to reinvent the wheel, and with the business process improvement (BPI) methodology from SAP Enterprise Support, you don’t have to. The BPI methodology helps you save time and money by enabling you to improve what you already have. By applying this methodology to your processes, SAP Enterprise Support helps you gain insight into the areas with the most improvement potential, without needing to know the particular details of your processes and using your own organizational units for benchmarking comparisons. This means fast, reliable results that you can put to use right away for tangible cost and time savings.

To help expand your process improvement potential and enable you to take full advantage of the potential benefits, SAP Enterprise Support has initiated the Business Process Improvement (BPI) Campaign, which is included in your SAP Enterprise Support engagement. By participating in the BPI Campaign, you will gain:

  • A set of analysis tools, including over 750 out-of-the-box key figures for enabling fast technical business process analysis
  • A “meet-the-expert” kick-off session, where your business process operations team meets with experts from SAP
  • The business process analysis service for assessing your core business processes and identifying improvement areas, including an executive summary meeting with experts from SAP Enterprise Support
  • Recommendations, best practices, and the definition of next steps for improvement, including a roadmap
  • Guidance on how to realize improvement steps (optional)
  • Guidance on how to set up automated monitoring and alerting in SAP Solution Manager (optional)


To start realizing the benefits of the BPI Campaign in your own business processes, visit