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As we all know, visuals speak louder than words. This could not be more accurate than in the trends toward today’s do-it-yourself marketing climate.  Think about a conversation you’ve had with your manager on growing Marketing – Generated-Opportunities, and now think about you presenting the growth graphs to your executives.  I am sure you will agree the latter was more effective.

The role of marketing has changed over the years; it is no more just about creating awareness, promotion, and PR. The marketing department is now also responsible for driving sales - and marketers are being held accountable for the budget spends and outcomes related to that spend. The modern marketer must collaborate effectively with various teams across the organization and to do so they need the proper tools to empower them.

Imagine if you are invited for an urgent sales meeting and you don’t have tools to help you analyze customer data, but rather -  you have to rely on IT to produce a marketing report - well, you might end up in a situation like my friend, Sam, here!

To avoid these jolts, marketers are becoming more tech-savvy, they are looking for technology to help succeed and respond to the challenges faced by today’s modern marketer. With self-service BI, you don’t have to rely on IT for daily insights. You can create daily reports and visualize data in various ways to get better insights and take actions to improve marketing ROI. You can collaborate across organization and have single source of truth.

You can make a greater impact on your stakeholder across organizations by presenting your story combined with data visualizations. Some researches have suggested that people remember about 10 percent of information after 72 hours if presented verbally, versus 65 percent if presented in form of a picture. Get prepare to make an impact in your next meeting with information and visuals on your side with self-service BI.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on how advance visualization can help marketers to gain competitive edge.

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