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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

ℹ You may ask yourself what the difference is between these tools, if there are any -
read this short introduction to find out the differences, the commonalities, and the use cases for both.


  • Software Update Manager for SAP HANA (SUM4HANA)
    is the tool for automated update of SAP HANA systems managed from inside your SAP HANA studio
    (see information on SAP Service Marketplace - logon required).

SAP HANA related use cases

SUM acts on application level:

  • SUM updates SAP NetWeaver Application Server running on SAP HANA database
  • SUM updates SAP NetWeaver-based applications running on SAP HANA, such as
    • SAP NetWeaver BW
    • SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0, version for SAP HANA

SUM for SAP HANA acts on database level:

  • SUM4HANA updates database server
    • HDB database software
    • SAP HANA client
    • SUM4HANA (tool updates itself)
  • SUM4HANA updates database-server-based applications
    • Application Functional Libraries
    • SAP HANA content



  • SUM is a tool running separate from the SAP system, updates system software including kernel
  • SUM4HANA is a tool integrated in the SAP HANA studio (based on eclipse)

Please note the following update (August 2013):

As of SAP HANA SP06, the SUM4HANA tool was bundled with other offerings into "SAP HANA lifecycle manager".

See SAP HANA Update and Configuration Guide.
So SUM4HANA is no longer part of the SL Toolset.