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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In my last post “Choosing SAP BTP for Application Development and Extending SAP Systems” I took some time to answer the question why you should choose SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) for your application development projects. One of the reasons is the great offer of development tools on SAP BTP and at the forefront for building extensions with Java and JavaScript stands the SAP Business Application Studio.

Start Screen SAP Business Application Studio

So, let’s talk about the future of application development and get to know a tool that tremendously improves the way developers build business applications in SAP environments. If you haven’t explored it yet, you should give it a try.

SAP Business Application Studio is a cloud-based developer tool provided by SAP. Designed for the construction and extension of applications running on SAP BTP, it supports a diverse range of programming languages (JavaScript, Java, TypeScript, Python), frameworks (SAPUI5, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model), and technologies, for enterprise software development. In addition, it provides a managed, preconfigured, and turn-key environment that has been meticulously optimized for SAP use cases. This means you can dedicate more time to creating and less time to setting up and managing your environment.

More than an IDE

What sets SAP Business Application Studio apart from other IDEs? It is so much more than an IDE. Unlike traditional local IDEs that need to be installed on personal computers, Business Application Studio is running in the cloud, allowing developers to write, compile, and debug code from anywhere, using any device with an internet connection. A full suite of development tools – including code editors and version control - all accessible through a web browser.

Using a cloud-based development environment provides various benefits. Business Application Studio employs powerful virtual machines to run your development projects, providing enhanced accessibility and flexibility. This means developers can not only work from anywhere, but also without the limitations of physical hardware. Traditional local development projects and IDEs can be considerably large, often requiring substantial computing resources. The shift to the cloud allows developers to work on extensive projects without the concern of overwhelming their personal computing resources. Thus, the overall efficiency and speed of the development process are significantly increased, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the project's size or complexity.

Running in the cloud also means less maintenance effort and regular updates to the development environment, which ensures consistency and reduces the risk of bugs and compatibility issues when multiple developers work on a project. For comfortable collaboration between developers Business Application Studio is supporting the Git version control system.

Designed for and tightly integrated with SAP systems

SAP Business Application Studio clearly stands out for its tight integration with SAP services, technologies, and systems. You won’t find a development environment that is better suited for your non-ABAP SAP extension projects. From SAPUI5, SAP HANA, SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK), SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), SAP Fiori Elements, SAP Integration Suite and more, Business Application Studio brings all these technologies together and promotes SAP best practices.

Central to the architecture of the development environment are the Dev Spaces. These are specialized IDEs in the cloud that come pre-installed with everything you need for specific use-cases in SAP environments like building SAP Fiori extensions or HANA native development. For a more details on Dev Spaces, check out this dedicated blog post.

Create Dev Spaces in SAP Business Application Studio


Productivity in the cloud

The real magic unfolds as you explore the Productivity Toolkit for Full-Stack Application Development within the studio. This Dev Space helps developers to maximize their efficiency in working with SAP's ecosystem. It offers visual tools that cover the entire full-stack application development journey and seamlessly integrate various SAP services, technologies, and solutions. The best part? Coding is optional. You can start using visual tools creating a first version of your application and you're provided with the autonomy to dive into the generated code and build upon it. The choice really is yours.

Under this paradigm of flexibility, you can construct an enterprise-ready SAP cloud business application and SAP Fiori user interfaces for both desktop and multichannel mobile usage in just a few minutes. Especially for those new to SAP technologies or ABAP developers who want to get into new technologies, this is an ideal starting point. Business Application Studio provides clear guidance following SAP best practices and eases developers into the world of SAP technologies.

Developing a full-stack application using the Productivity Toolkit

The best of both worlds for developers 

If you're familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio Code, you'll find many similarities when you first encounter Business Application Studio. This is no coincidence as the development environment is built on the open-source version of Visual Studio Code (Code - OSS). All shortcuts you might be used to from Visual Studio Code also work in Business Application Studio and we are always upgrading to the latest version of Code - OSS.

Furthermore, Business Application Studio offers easy access to Visual Studio Code-compatible extensions via the open-source Open VSX Registry. This opens up a treasure trove of resources and tools for developers to further enhance their development environment and projects.

If you still prefer using the Visual Studio Code client on your machine you don’t have to miss out of all the benefits Business Application Studio provides for developing and extending SAP solutions. With the remote development extension for Visual Studio Code, you can connect securely to the Dev Spaces in Business Application Studio directly from a local Visual Studio Code desktop application and create a hybrid development environment tailored to your needs.

Remote development extension for Visual Studio Code

SAP Business Application Studio is all about enabling application developers to work at their best, irrespective of their skill set, location or the device they are using. Thousands of SAP customers already benefit from using the development environment. All you need is a good internet connection and you can unlock unknown productivity levels for your SAP extension projects.

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