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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Did you know that SAP provides a huge set of pre-packaged content for the convenience of Process Orchestration customers? In the last few years, SAP has identified different integration needs of their customers and has shared a huge set of pre-packaged content to meet them. Each of the pre-packaged content  has been made available by SAP to address different integration scenarios in the customer landscape.

For example, consider a simple use case in a logistics industry.  Assume your organization has a strong logistics unit and makes use of the SAP Transportation Management system. And that you are responsible for arranging inbound transportation from the port of loading to your final destination plant.

Some of the steps you may have to handle during this process of inbound transportation are:

  • Integration and automation of purchase-order-based planning and booking processes – changes to orders will need to be propagated automatically to SAP ERP system
  • Manage incompatibilities based on dangerous goods classification using SAP Environment, Health & Safety system;
  • Increase visibility of shipments at all times for different roles by utilizing the SAP Event Manager;
  • Assign planning responsibility to people with regional expertise (stage level planning) using the SAP ERP and SAP Event Manager;
  • Design an automated process flow based on signals such as booking confirmations, advanced shipping notifications (ASNs), and transportation execution events are taken care using the SAP Event Manager

It would make your work easy if all these systems were integrated with one another: SAP Transportation Management (TM) with  SAP Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), SAP Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S), and SAP Event Management.

SAP has identified this need and  has provided a set of service interfaces, message mappings, business processes, and other design objects to support this and many such integration scenarios across industries and lines of business. These design objects have been packaged as XI content and have been made available to all existing SAP Process Orchestration customers. Any licensed customer can explore and download these pre-packaged content from SAP at the SAP Service Markeplace .

While the XI content has been made available for use by every licensed SAP customer, discovery of the pre-packaged content and related documentation has been identified to be one of the major hurdles faced by every integration developer today.  To make the step to discovering content much more easy and simple, we have decided to expand our Integration Content Hub to include pre-packaged integration content delivered for our Process Orchestration customers along with HANA Cloud Integration pre-packaged content. You can also find the above mentioned Transportation Management related content here.

You can check out the first set of packages shared for Process Orchestration at the Integration Content Hub. You can use the filter options provided here to find the integration content to suit your industry or Line of Business needs. Also provided are filter options to search content to suit your integration platform needs.

As an SAP Community Network member you can access this application and explore both HANA Cloud Integration as well as SAP Process Integration content. If you have the required license in the SAP Marketplace you will also be supported in downloading the XI content of your choice from the Integration Content Hub.

Do explore - - and send in your feedback.