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The world of technology is changing rapidly. The challenges of today are not always the same as the challenges of tomorrow. That’s why it’s important for organizations to prepare themselves and find effective strategies to stay at the head of the pack in the race to data maximization. It isn’t enough to just work with siloed solutions to organize and interpret your data. You need to learn to unify your data and analytics in order to succeed. So how can your organization learn to unify its data? SAP’s Data Defined Newsletter has you covered.  

What’s in it for You

With the SAP Data Defined: Newsletter, you will stay up to date on the latest news in data and analytics and ensure that your organization is well prepared to navigate the technology landscape. In this newsletter, you’ll have access to thought leadership blogs, learn how to gain a competitive edge in the arena, the latest episodes on our Data Defined talk show, be the first to know about upcoming SAP events on data and analytics, and much more!  

What to Expect

Data Defined Talk Show 

A recurring feature in our newsletter is the Data Defined Talk Show. You won’t want to miss out on being part of our large community that tunes in each month. In the series, industry experts provide insights on all things data and analytics and provide useful tips on how to help navigate your data journey. These episodes can be watched live or on-demand at any time. Subscribing to the newsletter means you’ll never miss an episode from here on out.  

Upcoming and Past Events 

The final workshop of the SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum: Accelerating Outcomes took place in early October with a record number of registrants. This event series involved industry leaders providing insights on data and analytics challenges, trends, and strategies as well as provided exclusive access to key innovative content. The Newsletter will ensure you don’t miss more events like this that are soon to come.  

Newest Data and Analytics Content 

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of data and analytics means new assets with new insights being created frequently. Featuring the newest blogs, videos, website updates and much more, the newsletter is sure to have Subscribing to the newsletter means you’ll never miss a blog or video addressing the dynamic world of data and analytics.    

Why You Should Subscribe 

Keeping up with all the new and exciting information out there on data and analytics can be challenging simply due to sheer volume. With the SAP Data Defined Newsletter, you get specific, valuable, and digestible insights into data and analytics in one place. Subscribing to the newsletter is an easy way to stay informed and get quick access to the latest and greatest in data and analytics. Sign up for the newsletter or visit the SAP Data and Analytics site and make your journey to harnessing the power of your data a little bit easier.