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Separate yourself from siloed, disorganized planning and immerse yourself in the world of collaborative enterprise planning with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. In this nine part series, we'll take a look at the annual planning processes with our friends at Best Run Bikes. Each week, a new video in the series will be released with a new topic.

Planning Overview: Introduction

First, discover collaborative enterprise planning with the first video in the Planning Overview series. Join Best Run Bikes as they review overall annual company results using their company dashboard in SAP Analytics Cloud. Follow along as Frank from Global Controlling analyzes Best Run Bikes overview story, leverages machine learning to use Smart Insights, and uses the hierarchy functionality to get the full picture of different regions. 

Planning Overview: Forecasting

Dive into the world of forecasting with Christoph from Regional Controlling at Best Run Bikes. Follow along with the second video in the Planning Overview series as Christoph creates an automatic forecast using Smart Predict, as well as a manual forecast using the SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office. Additionally, learn how the calendar feature streamlines the entire planning process.

Planning Overview: Strategic Planning

Jump into the ins and outs of multi-year strategic planning in SAP Analytics Cloud with the third video in the Planning Overview series. Join Frank at Best Run Bikes as he simulates multiple versions with the Value Driver Tree, to see how different business drivers simulate the top and bottom line.

Planning Overview: Annual Budgeting

Follow along with Karolin from Global Controlling as she takes over annual budget planning in SAP Analytics Cloud for Best Run Bikes. Explore how to execute data actions and redistribute using the powerful intuitive planning panel in the fourth video in the Planning Overview Series. Additionally, discover private and public versions as Karolin shares the completed budget with her colleagues in Marketing for collaboration.

Planning Overview: Marketing

Dive into the world of Marketing planning in the fifth video in the Planning Overview series. Join Christoph from Best Run Bikes as he creates a new model on the fly, imports his teammates data from Google Drive, and uses Smart Discovery to populate his story. Discover how to create ad-hoc marketing plans simply and quickly in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Planning Overview: Budgeting Continued

Discover data locking and automatic reallocation with Karolin from Best Run Bikes. SAP Analytics Cloud makes it simple to align top down and bottom up expenses, follow along with Karolin as she shows you how in the sixth video in the Planning Overview series.

Planning Overview: Workforce

Predict workforce trends with accuracy in the seventh video in the Planning Overview series. Join Derek at Best Run Bikes as he leverages smart predict, versioning and the planning panel to adjust expenses with the result of lowering the company's future employee attrition rate. With SAP Analytics Cloud's intuitive tools Derek can be sure his new cost allocations stay well within budget, and keep Best Run Bikes on track.

Planning Overview: Budget Review

Collaborate with the whole team using the robust sharing features in SAP Analytics Cloud. Work alongside Karolin as she reviews and locks the budget plans, before sharing with the CFO for approval in the eighth video in the Planning Overview series.

Planning Overview: S/4HANA Integration

In the last iteration of the Planning Overview series Jeff from Global IT at Best Run Bikes connects SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly with SAP S/4 HANA. Explore the data loading and export capabilities with automatic data mapping and quick and easy filtering.

Planning Overview: Full Demo

Experience the full end-to-end planning process with the full length Planning Overview demo. Follow along with the Best Run Bikes team as they go from forecasting, to budget planning, to collaborating, and more. See how your business can streamline planning processes and make more confident decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Ready to try out end-to-end budgeting, forecasting, and planning today in SAP's collaborative enterprise planning solution? Check out the SAP Analytics Cloud free trial.