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SAP has recently launched the new product SAP Digital Vehicle Hub.  

This blog post is part of a blog series. The initial blog post comprises a general introduction to SAP Digital Vehicle Hub and an overview about the other topics of this blog series. In this blog post we will focus on use cases and potential integration scenarios of SAP Digital Vehicle Hub and SAP CX. 

SAP Digital Vehicle Hub as central repository for all vehicle related data with out-of-the-box integration capabilities and role-based access possibilities already enables several new business models as shared in previous articles of this blog series.  

Putting that into the context of SAP Customer Experience, so combining SAP Digital Vehicle Hub with our SAP Customer Experience solutions, even paints a bigger picture by bringing a 360° vehicle view together with a 360° customer view! This enables fully new, additional business models and scenarios, which our customers already start to talk about… 


Top Example Use Cases / Scenarios 

Coming out of internal workshops and / or customer projects we selected three exemplary use cases, which will enable new business models with a different focus related to marketing, commerce and sales: 

       1. Optimized subscription model 

In today’s urban societies owning a vehicle isn’t as much of a priority as it used to be. People need to get from point A to B, no matter how. Therefore, the automotive industry needs to extend the classical vehicle sales business towards Mobility-as-a-Service, such as vehicle subscription. The key capabilities of SAP Digital Vehicle Hub enable fleet owners or OEMs to gain full transparency and manage and orchestrate their pool effectively. Integrating SAP Digital Vehicle Hub with SAP Customer Experience (SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud,SAP  Sales Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud) allows to extend the transparency of the vehicle with transparency of the customer. Analyzing driver related data, including all driver-vehicle relations and all according vehicle data enables a full 360° customer-vehicle view, which will be continuously enriched in every interaction (i.e. including personal data, segment data, current vehicle ownerships, history of vehicles, subscription frequency, driving behavior, location, comparable target group, etc.). Based on that all, personalization and targeting of marketing campaigns and offers can be increased.  


Key Benefits 

  • Managing vehicle fleet with subscription options 

  • Analyze history of customer – vehicle relationships to increase targeted vehicle suggestions and subscription rate 

  • Pay-per-use/subscription payment methods deployed 


        2. On the road promotion 

Especially for companies with low brand or USP like gas stations, motorway restaurants or service stations, personalized, targeted marketing is challenging. An insufficient data base of customers leaves blind spots in the 360° customer view and leads to unused marketing and promotion potentials. Integrating SAP Digital Vehicle Hub with SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud and Customer Data Cloud enables the analysis of customers/potential buyers enriched by SAP Digital Vehicle Hub data (including personal data, segment data, current vehicle ownerships, history of vehicles, buying frequency, driving behavior, location, comparable target group, etc.). Based on that, patterns in driver and potential buyer behavior can be identified and promotion and marketing activities can be targeted and personalized. As an example: if a driver takes the same route every Monday, a gas station on that route may offer a coffee voucher in advance when refueling.  


Key Benefits 

  • Active promotion “on the road” by retail chains (e.g. gas stations, service stations, motorway restaurants) 

  • Increased user experience through personalized marketing offers  


         3. Commercialization of additional services 

Not all capabilities of modern vehicles are generally relevant to all customers. However, depending on the circumstances and needs of customers, some capabilities might be needed or wanted for specific purposes in specific timeframes (i.e. software capabilities, power). Integrating SAP Digital Vehicle Hub with Customer Experience (Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Customer Data Cloud) and ERP Pricing and BRIM allows to analyze customer behavior and needs in context of their vehicle relations. Based on the analyzation of customer behavior and segmentation data, a customer can get a suggestion to purchase an additional service for a specific timeframe. Concrete examples are a customer who wants to increase engine power and enable autonomous driving for a trip over the weekend or a customer who wants to connect the vehicle to professional email account to be able to dictate emails while driving during a business trip 


Key Benefits 

  • Marketing of extra features (including active promotion) 

  • Activation of additional services based on customer needs  

  • Pay-per-use/subscription payment methods deployed 


Business Capabilities needed for CX & SAP Digital Vehicle Hub Scenarios. 

The capabilities required to support the mentioned and further scenarios will drive the architecture and the needed product mix. As per the scenarios the business capabilities will span from classical Customer Experience related capabilities including Marketing, Sales and Service to fundamental capabilities like Manufacturing and Finance.  

Using Solaris – an SAP wide used authoring environment to document SAPs Industry Solution Portfolio from business perspective using Business Capability Models and Solution Mappingand the needed functionalities in the described scenarios as a basis, we have derived the following basic stack of business capabilities: 


BC needed for CX Scenarios



The new business models will put capabilities related to Smart Mobility & Transportation and specific sales capabilities in the foreground. 


From Capabilities to Solution Map & Mix 

The architecture to support these and further relevant uses cases around CX, needs to provide the right level of customer insights and combine it with the insights to vehicle, financial data and reporting capabilities. 

  1. From CX side this would as well include: 

Solution Overview CX


  • SAP Customer Data Cloud, allowing to centrally store the customer data, possibly in an exchange to the SAP Digital Vehicle Hub and the different clouds within CX. 

  • SAP Sales Cloud will enable the typical lead and opportunity management linked with marketing segment info and enriched by possible vehicle information. 

  • SAP Service Cloud integration would allow for scenarios like predictive maintenance to be taken to the end customer. 

  • SAP Marketing Cloud will be providing customer segment info and deploy marketing campaigns on different channels. 

  • SAP CPQ to support pricing and especially variant configuration. 


2. The foundation of solutions will need to cover the Reporting, Billing and Smart Mobility aspects, e.g.  


Solution Overview Foundation



  • SAP Digital Vehicle Hub will be the central point of information for all vehicle related data. 

  • SAP S/4HANA for Subscription Based Billing is needed to support business models like Mobility-as-a-Service. 

  • SAP Analytics Cloud to allow Reporting based on different and joined data sources across the solutions. 




To state this clearly - the discussion around SAP Digital Vehicle Hub and CX is in progress and at an early stage from our point of view. Integrations and when they would be built to the CX components will be driven by scenarios and customer projects. 

This blog post briefly covered the current discussion around the link of Digital Vehicle and SAPs CX Portfolio, focusing on possible Top Uses Cases, Key Capabilities and Solutions that would be required to support this. 

Have a look on the other post of this blog post series, all linked from the initial blog post or ask a question in the Intelligent Asset Management Community. 



More Information 


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