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Over the past 12 months, conversations about how to optimize “Digital Experiences” have dominated my conversations. I'm talking about the experiences that people have with an organization through any digital touch points - mobile device, portal, conversation etc. I’ve learned that the tie between digital experiences and successful digital transformation is to find a way to maximize the value of these experiences. So the question is, how do we do this? Is it as easy as developing some relevant apps?

We are at a point where most people live their lives with surrounded by digital devices – the statistics are pretty staggering. I think it's time that we stop thinking about “users” of systems, and start to reengineer our business practices to think about every person (employee, customer or other) as a “customer”.

Creating delightful apps is about much more than just giving users a better UI overtop of an existing system. It should be about exceeding user expectations and growing brand value, while leveraging new channels for success in today's "digital economy". The following trends have driven this shift:

  1. Digital channels (web, mobile, and social media/social collaboration) are the dominant ways people interact with companies.

  2. People expect great experiences in every interaction

  3. People engage with companies in unstructured ways

  4. Mobile devices are prolific and provide location and immediacy

  5. Data insight allows for highly personalized experiences

  6. Digital technology enables disruption

  7. Everybody is a customer - customers, employees, partners should all be treated as customers

  8. Users want a consistent experience across channels

SAP Cloud Platform includes a set of integrated services to deliver delightful experiences across various digital touch points. You may think of this as services that enable customers to design and build rich web, mobile, portal and collaboration apps that optimize digital experiences. You can drive faster processes, create beautiful user experiences, build multichannel apps and collaborate with users efficiently.

If you want to drive faster processes, create beautiful user experiences, build multichannel apps and collaborate with users efficiently then its time to learn a little bit more… but first ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you want to deliver multichannel apps that focus on relationships and long-term engagement rather than transactional interactions?

  • Do you want to build and scale user interfaces that are simple, personalized, and responsive?

  • Do you want to engage and collaborate in real-time?

  • Do you want to stop maintaining an on-premise system for your innovation layer?

If yes, then we can help you streamline design, development, collaboration, content management and engagement. You can learn more about many of these topics while you explore SAP’s set of Experience Services as part of SAP Cloud Platform that will be showcased at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.

We are excited about several announcements made at SAP TechEd. Before reading the rest of this blog, please read about the news regarding expanding development tools on SAP Cloud Platform: Improve Digital Experiences and Speed Application Development with SAP Cloud Platform Tools.

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