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If you are running your SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform on the newest SAPUI5 release (previously called Innovation version), you might have noticed that it has suddenly changed its look. What has happened?

Basically, this is the first step of the SAP Fiori 3 implementation in the SAP Fiori launchpad. SAP Fiori 3 is the new target design for all SAP products to enable the Intelligent Suite. On the long run, it is planned to provide more information on the home pages than the tiles are currently able to convey and to enable a deeper integration of machine intelligence and natural language interaction, while its first steps provide more consistency over all SAP products. To learn more about it, please check out SAP Fiori - How it started and where it is going and the Thomas Reiss’ great blog on the first parts of Fiori 3 available for web developers.

So, what has changed in the launchpad homepage? First of all, you will notice the new shell header bar where e.g. the user icon has moved from the left to the right of the screen. The new bar replaces the viewport in Fiori 2.0 that so far hosted the Me Area on the left and the notifications panel on the right.

Based on user feedback, we have optimized the homepage view by removing the option to have a fixed preview of notifications. From SAPUI5 1.65 on, you can access the Notification Center in an overlay area that pops up when you click the notifications icon, and in the same way, you find all functionality that you could manage in the Me Area so far when clicking the user icon now.

With the removal of the fixed preview, also the corresponding user setting “Show Preview in Home Page” is no longer offered in the Notification area. Nevertheless, the option to show high priority alerts via a banner on the right-hand corner of the home page for a short period of time is still available.


In addition, since May 23rd the new SAP Quartz Light theme has become available as of SAPUI5 version 1.65. The more neutral Quartz theme aims to give application content the center stage. As it is simple and minimalistic, it will also make it easy for customers to theme it to their brand.

Administrators can find it in Theme Manager and users can directly assign it via the Appearance section in the user settings, if theme personalization is enabled in the site.


There are some additional minor changes:

  1. The logo on the left side of the shell header can now be used from everywhere to navigate back to the launchpad home page. In return, the home icon has disappeared from the header.

  2. The app name display has moved away from the middle of the header, as this is the place where the co-pilot icon is planned to be located in all SAP applications. It is now located on the left next to the logo and can still be used to open the All My Apps screen, if this is enabled in the site settings.


How about SAP Fiori launchpad on ABAP?

With SAP S/4HANA 1909 and SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1908, the updated shell header bar, the SAP Quartz Light theme are also planned to be available to customers running SAP Fiori launchpad on ABAP.


Hope that was useful. Stay tuned for more SAP Fiori launchpad news!



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