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After creating your Lumira documents using Lumira Desktop, you can share them by publishing to Lumira Server for BI Platform. Below are some guidelines you need to be aware of.

  • Version of Lumira Server for BIP and Lumira Desktop must always match. Do not update Lumira Desktop unless you are also updating Lumira Server for BIP.  Lumira Desktop installer doesn’t allow downgrading. To downgrade you must uninstall newer version of Lumira Desktop first and after that install older version.

  • Lumira document can be opened in the same or higher version in which it was created. For example, Lumira document created in Lumira 1.25 can be opened in 1.25 and higher. Lumira document created in Lumira 1.28 cannot be opened in 1.27 and lower. Prior to sharing the Lumira document ensure that recipient has the same or higher version of Lumira Desktop than the version of Lumira Desktop in which Lumira document was created.

  • CSV, Excel or text data sources are saved to a shared folder on Lumira Server for BIP.  When working with Lumira documents based on CSV, Excel or text datasets ensure that these are saved on a shared drive, accessible from both Lumira Desktop and Lumira Server for BIP.  The shared drive must be mapped identically (for example as drive “L:”) on Lumira Desktop machine and on Lumira Server for BIP.  Lumira document remembers this relative path where the dataset is located.  During document refresh on server the dataset is expected to be located in the same path on server machine.

"Did you know..." is a series of short blogs by the BI & Analytics Competence Centre, a global team within SAP engineering focused 100% on customer success. They are a useful reminder of Lumira hints, tips and best practices.