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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In our last blog, we introduced our new SAP Data Intelligence training course DIC01.

In this blog, we go a step further and explain the use of SAP Data Intelligence with a short business case.

Let’s look at the area of predictive quality, and in connection with that, an automotive company. To improve production quality, the company installs heat and pressure sensors, infrared cameras, and temperature gauges at an assembly line. Despite, or rather, due to the large amounts of data, it is difficult to detect production problems before complete batches of defective parts run off the tape.

The major challenge is to gain timely insight into the quality problems of production using a huge amount of data from different sources, without having an increased material waste and the resulting higher production costs.

If there are repeated deficiencies in the quality control of the parts that cannot be clearly explained by the heat and/or pressure sensors, statistical algorithms and data analyses techniques help to gain insights into potential barriers in the production line after the data has been received and orchestrated. The tools included in SAP Data Intelligence can help identify such problems. From this, preventative measures could be taken that would improve the quality of the batches produced.

If you’re interested to use these types of Data Intelligence technologies, attend our new 3-day course DIC01 and get our experts to explain the possibilities of SAP Data Intelligence and demonstrate it in the live system (including participant exercises).

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SAP Product Learning CoE Analytics Team