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“It’s a wrap!” I thought, as we wrapped up our extended Design Thinking session on Data Intelligence last week. We went completely the virtual way to do this due to obvious reasons and more about how we went about the Design Thinking in a completely virtual world in my next. Meanwhile as we saw use cases presented one after the other in our series of 5 Grand Finale sessions (you will hear more about this soon in my next I promise), one thing is clear, Data Intelligence is the future and that future is here now, staring right at us in the eye.

Setting Context: Imagine a nation sitting on huge oil reserves and being reluctant to leverage that reserve and not moving around any of the infrastructure and machinery needed to tap it. What would you make of it? Enterprises generate huge amount of data and to not leverage that available data is downright criminal. I say so because of the immense possibilities and value the corporations can derive from it for their own good and for their customers.

In simple words: If I were to oversimplify this, application data is sourced from the plethora of business systems in your landscape, worked on by super smart algorithms (read Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) and then rejig your existing processes to have the real value from the “dormant” data realized.

Values and Challenges: We all know that AI/ML have the innate capability of improving operations and decision-making and frees up their employee’s valuable time so that they can focus on other cognitive tasks. From optimizing the external processes to streamlining internal business operations, enhancing products and services line to making better decisions the opportunities are abundant.  But enterprises do genuinely face at times challenges to adopt AI/ML. the Infographic below from Gartner says it all about what dilemma the enterprises face. Read more here (

Bond, James Bond: Enterprises of the Future will not be the same again and Data Intelligence is going to catapult a few of them to rule the roost. In the history of time if there was ever a right time to leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities together with your treasure trove of data it is now.The businesses around the world have this never-before opportunity now in hand to transform their outlook on re imagining their sometimes-age-old business processes with this enhanced capability available to them. The use cases are varied and numerous, spread across different industries. They are sitting on huge pile of data and SAP is ready to deliver the future to the now. Time for enterprises to leverage this, foster innovation and march ahead. They like Bond must be crafty and outmaneuver all to DI Another day.

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