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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
Devtoberfest 2022 is rolling right along as we head into Week 3. We had 18 sessions in Week 2 and have about 16 sessions this upcoming week so there's lots to do and a bit for everyone.

As a quick recap of the structure for how Devtoberfest is running this year, each day is set aside for a different topic.

 Monday  🟢 ABAP
 Tuesday  🟣 User Interface
 Wednesday  🔵 Data and Analytics
 Thursday  🔴 Low and No Code Tooling
 Friday  🟠 Cloud Native Development        🟡 Fun Friday


Recap and Upcoming Sessions

Monday - ABAP

Week 2

Week 2 had an Exercism demo, a session on developer extensibility and business events with RAP, and how to deal with legacy code and other things in RAP.

🟢 Exercism Demo & Presentation with Lars Hvam Petersen

🟢 Dealing with Legacy Code and Transactional Consistency in RAP

Week 3

This next week has a session on the history of ABAP from SAP R/2 to SAP R/3 and troubleshooting RAP-based SAP Fiori apps using ABAP Development tools.

🟢 History of ABAP (R/2 -> R/3)

🟢 Troubleshoot RAP-based Fiori Apps in the ABAP Development Tools

Tuesday - User Interface

Week 2

User Interface topics for last week had two sessions, one on SAP Business Technology Platform Destinations with SAP Fiori Tools and another on the SAP Fiori elements flexible programming model.

🟣 Configuring BTP Cross-Account and Cross-Region Destinations For Use in UI Tooling

🟣 Outside the lines: SAP Fiori elements flexible programming model

Week 3

Week 3 for UI has the authors of the Clean SAPUI5 book and the creator of the WDI5 testing tool giving sessions.

🟣 Clean SAPUI5: More readable, maintainable and testable code

🟣 Testing UI5 Apps with wdi5 - Zero to Hero to Continuous Integration


Wednesday - Data & Analytics

Week 2

Last week there was a special session on Wednesday with Juergen Mueller and past Devtoberfest winners which is definitely worth watching. There were data and analytics sessions that day on bi-directional integration between two SP cloud products and using scripting to enhance analytic application functionality.

‼️ Special Session with SAP CTO, Juergen Mueller & Past Devtoberfest Winners

🔵 Bi-directional integration between SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud for planning

Week 3

Week 3 is focused on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for data and analytics.

Thursday - Low and No Code Tooling

Week 2

Devtoberfest week 2 had 6 different sessions on SAP AppGyver in a range of different topics.

🔴 AppGyver for Pro-Code Developers

Week 3

Week 3 for low code no code is all about process automation with 5 sessions.


Friday - Cloud Native Development

Week 2

Cloud native development last week focused on SAP BTP, Kyma runtime, including the first part of a two part session.

Week 3

Part two of the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime session is coming up along with a containerization presentation.


Fun Friday Activity

Week 2

The fun Friday event for week two was a trivia quiz! The questions were all about SAP and its history and were available at two different times. If you weren't able to attend and participate, the recordings are available and you can see how well you do against everyone else.

Week 3

Fun Friday next week is all about gaming. There's an all day event where Developer Advocates will be online in the discord server playing Fortnite or Mario Kart with anyone who's interested. There are also two bracket style tournament events where you can try your best to see if you've got what it takes to beat out everyone else in a game developed by our very own Nico Schoenteich. Be sure to join to see if you have what it takes to be the best.


Wrapping Up

There's plenty left to do as we are only halfway through Devtoberfest 2022. Be sure to participate in as many things as you can if you're shooting for that grand prize. Be sure to check out the Devtoberfest Events in SAP Community Events for more info on past sessions and those yet to come.

Hope to see you there! Happy Devtoberfest and happy coding!