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Developer Advocate
Let's take a quick look at what happened in Week 1 and what's in store for us all in Week 2 (next week) of Devtoberfest!

Devtoberfest 2022 is well underway, and we're almost at the end of Week 1 already! If you're only just getting round to taking a look, it's certainly not too late to get involved - all you need to do is join the Devtoberfest Community Group (check out this 60 second video on how) and all of this week's content is available for you to catch up on.

As you can see from the Devtoberfest calendar there are plenty of sessions for you to check out in Week 2, starting on Monday 10th October:

As you can see (and probably know), we have different color-coded topics, one for each of the days of the week:

Monday 🟢 ABAP
Tuesday 🟣 User Interface
Wednesday 🔵 Data and Analytics
Thursday 🔴 Low and No Code Tooling
Friday 🟠 Cloud Native Development

There are also some fun activities with the 🟡 color code 🙂

Review and looking ahead

Each topic has a Developer Advocate host, and I spoke with each of them to find out what happened this week, and more importantly what's in store for us next week. Let's take a look!

🟢 ABAP hosted by Mamikee Kanneh

In the first week of Devtoberfest, on the ABAP day (Monday) we went over a couple of introduction topics in ABAP. We kicked off with the day by learning the basics of object-oriented design in the ABAP language with Thomas Jung. We also discussed some of the common design patterns that are most often used in ABAP. From the factory pattern to dependency injection, we looked at different patterns implemented in ABAP. After that session, we got our Eclipse ADT installed with the help of Mamikee Kanneh and Thomas Jung. We also got a brief overview of what ABAP is and how to get started. The session included a live walk-through to help you install your ADT and create your first ABAP console application.

For next week, we have a jet packed group sessions on ABAP day (Monday):

In Developer Extensibility and Business Events with RAP on SAP S/4HANA Cloud you will learn about the newly added RAP extensibility options and the easy exposure of business events in RAP-based applications.

In Dealing with Legacy Code and Transactional Consistency in RAP, we'll have a discussion on this topic, answering questions such as "which legacy ABAP code can be reused in RAP?" and "what must developers do to ensure the transactional consistency of the SAP Logical Work of Unit (LUW) when working with RAP?"

Ever heard of Exercism? Exercism is an online, open-source, free coding platform that offers code practice and mentorship on 50+ different programming languages. And now ABAP is available too! Join the session ABAP on Exercism? Demo and Presentation to learn about how this new track came about and get a walk-through of the exercises.

🟣 User Interface hosted by Michelle Moudy

In the first week of Devtoberfest we covered a couple of very relevant topics in the world of frontend development: How to Make State Management Work for You with Redux and Redux Toolkit and How to simplify your data fetching life with RTK Query.

Next week we have another couple of very interesting topics for you, on SAP BTP and SAP Fiori. First, there's Configuring BTP Cross-Account and Cross-Region Destinations For Use in UI Tooling showcasing the additional steps necessary to enable a BTP Destination for usage across Global Accounts or between different regions. Then we take a look at open source development tools and SAP Fiori with Outside the lines: SAP Fiori elements flexible programming model.

🔵 Data and Analytics hosted by Witalij Rudnicki

The Data and Analytics track kicked off with the focus on the Machine Learning capabilities embedded into SAP HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, in the session Build your Machine Learning Scenario for your SAP HANA Cloud application from Python. Questions asked by participants showed that there is a lot of interest in Machine Learning and – even broader – in Artificial Intelligence in the SAP community. We also had a great session on Machine Learning engines embedded in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

In week 2 we will shift the focus to topics important for customers of SAP Analytics Cloud: Bi-directional integration with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and Enhancing Analytic Application functionality with simple scripting.

🔴 Low and No Code Tooling hosted by Daniel Wroblewski

What a start to this topic, with five sessions on low and no code tooling! There was so much to cover, from an helpful overview of the whole topic in Why Am I Hearing So Much About Low-Code and No-Code?, followed directly by how SAP Business Application Studio and CI/CD can help, in Control the Entire App Development Lifecycle with SAP Business Application Studio. Then we looked at how you can quickly get started with zero installation needed, in Using Visual Tools to Create a Mobile Application. With the nominal "keynote" session for this topic/week, we then had The Best of Both Worlds: Visual Tools but Still Full Control of Your Code, looking deeper into SAP Business Application Studio's tool set. And we rounded off this topic day with some lovely graphics in Easily Add Analytical Charts to Your SAP Fiori App.

Next week we have even more sessions for you - far too many to list here (head over to this filtered view to see them all), but in summary, we'll be covering the SAP AppGyver topic in a LOT of detail, going deep and wide. Don't miss it!

🟠 Cloud Native Development hosted by Kevin Muessig

For the Cloud Native day of Devtoberfest, in Cloud Native Opening with Kevin & Josh, we got a great overview of the upcoming cloud native sessions and chatted about interesting content SAP is providing to get into the Cloud Native topic with a hard focus on the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime.

In the session What even is Cloud Native and the Basics of Kubernetes Kevin introduced the attendees of Devtoberfest to the history of Kubernetes and the concepts behind Cloud Native. He also gave a brief overview of the Kubernetes architecture and why this technology is so relevant today. Bridging to the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime he also explained SAP’s fully managed Kubernetes runtime.

Next week we have super important topics covered, such as Day-2 Operations with the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime and SAP HANA Cloud from the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime.

Wrapping up

So we're wrapping up Week 1, finishing it off with a bit of fun with 🟡 Petoberfest Day! - always good to have a bit of light relief at the end of a learning week, right? And at the end of Week 2, i.e. on Fri 14 Oct, we have a Trivia Quiz! We'll run two sessions to cover as many timezones as possible:

🟡 Trivia Quiz! (1 of 2)

🟡 Trivia Quiz! (2 of 2)

There's plenty more content in store. Don't forget that Devtoberfest runs for the entire month, and you can find all the sessions detailed over in the Devtoberfest Events area in SAP Community Events.

Happy Devtoberfest!