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Well, did you blink?  Cause just like that, it's over!  Devtoberfest 2022 is in the books.  We had so many amazing sessions, speakers and tutorials there is no way I can wrap it all up here in one blog post, but wait. I don't have to, our team has already done that.  I linked below to all 4 weeks of content recaps that they published so you can relive some of this amazing event if you missed any.

Week 1 recap by thomas.jung

Week 2 recap by

Week 3 recap by michellemoudy

Week 4 recap by mamikee


As Tom highlighted in week 1 we used the idea of educational content that repeated weekly.  We hope you liked this new format, but if you wanted a topic per week, or something else, please let us know.

I do want to highlight a few sessions that were really cool from each week before I show some fun metrics.

In week 1 on Wednesday for Data and Analytics we had "Build Machine Learning Scenario for your SAP HANA Cloud application for Python.  A lot of viewers and watches on replay.

🔵 Build your Machine Learning Scenario for your S… – SAP Community Groups


In week 2 there was Petoberfest which is always a great event and earned a cool badge:

Week 3 was great and we had so many attendees for all the amazing Low Code/ No Code sessions like this one on Learning to Build Processes with SAP Process Automation:


Coming out of week 3 and into week 4 I wanted to highlight a great event to earn points in our contest, the Scavenger Hunt.  A collection of 20 tutorials worth 175 points each and you got a 3000 point bonus if you completed all 20.  If you need a refreshers on the contest and rules click here:  Devtoberfest 2022 Contest Official Rules

More on the contest winners will be coming at SAP TechEd during our Developer Advocates Download Session GS100 at the end of day 1 on November 15th.  If you haven't registered, please do, it's free and will of course have lots of great sessions to watch remotely, or if you are in Las Vegas you can join us in person.

Now that we have talked content, lets chat about where and how you consumed these sessions...


We had a lot of viewers from around the world, but check the highest ranking cities you watched sessions from:

Devtoberfest viewers by city


We also had a diverse amount of device types used:

Devtoberfest viewers by device type


But the really cool set of statistics is operating system type.  Love that 63 viewers were on a Sony Playstation!!!

Devtoberfest viewers by operating system

These statistics will change as more people enjpoy watching the replays.  If there is anything you missed be sure to check out this playlist on YouTube for all the great Devtoberfest content.


So one more big THANK YOU to everyone who helped organize and put on Devtoberfest and a THANK YOU to all the participants and soon to be announced winners.  See you next year!!!

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