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Developer Advocate
Here’s a summary of what went on in week 4 of Devtoberfest 2021, and what to look forward to in week 5. Week 5's theme is Data && Analytics, but don't you run away yet, even if this is not your day job topic!

Week 4 "Security" Recap

Week 4 was all about Security in application development. After this week hopefully you do not think that Security is something for dedicated security admins only!

Kicking off the week was cedric.hebert discussing how we can defeat hackers at their own game by using honey passwords to poison the well in “Hackers Want Passwords“. Cedric was certainly passionate about the topic as you could hear him saying: "I could not imagine that 20 years later I would still do security and LOVE it!"

Next, security researchers and experts from Microsoft (Ralf Wigand), Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (Sachar Paulus), and SAP (helenoakley, michele.chubirka, Torsten Dangel) mixed things up with a Security Round Table discussion on Software Supply Chain. The quote I found eye-opening for me during that discussion was: “If you are addressing security as an NFR (non-functional requirement)... GAME OVER, I think you've already lost!

On Wednesday it was thomas.jung's turn with a live coding session covering the “Security Aspects of SAP Cloud Application Programming Model“. Thomas did a great job explaining coding challenges while testing his new pair of glasses in production (aka "during the live stream" 🤓)

We ended the week’s interactive sessions with a presentation from Michele Chubirka called “Container Security: It’s All About the Supply Chain“. Michele's recommendation was "Bake or Buy, but never Fry." Interested what it means? I suggest you watch the whole session.

Fun Friday Activity... too early to recap as it is going to happen after this post is published.

So, there are still chances for you to engage in virtual Gaming Night together with our SAP developer advocates and the rest of the community on October 29th!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

Looking Ahead to Week 5 "Data && Analytics"

All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy. it will be time for us to get back to work! And there will be plenty to work on during the Data && Analytics week! No matter your interest or time zone -- you should find something that suits you.

Not just for data engineers and data scientists, ABAP/UI/Cloud-native/Mobile... all developers (and admins, and architects, and consultants) are welcome!


There is a lot of hype -- and therefore confusion and myths -- around Machine Learning these days. No surprise the opening presentation of that week will be "Demystifying Data Science in the Enterprise" presented by manuel.zeise and s.baur from the Deep Learning Center of Excellence at SAP on Tuesday, November 2nd.

With data warehouses, data marts, data lakes, data lakehouses, data fabric, data mesh, and more… your alternatives can be mind-numbing. The same day, on November 2nd, Alan Simon, the author of best-selling books and highly-rated Udemy courses, will untangle and demystify "The Modern Enterprise Data Landscape", helping you leap beyond jargon and the latest hot trends to navigate the ever-changing enterprise data landscape.

Data is moving in all 3 V-directions (Volume, Velocity and Variety), and so is the visualization of data. On November 4th, I will walk you through a bit of history and a theory during "Data Visualization: Then and Now" before we move into some aspects of Data Storytelling and Exploratory Data Analysis.


On November 3 you are welcome to meet and greet your fellow SAP Community members, who are authors of bestselling books on the topics of SAP Data and Analytics! During two live Meet-the-Authors panels -- suited for APJ/EMEA and EMEA/AMER time zones -- authors will describe the writing and publishing process, their own approaches to learning, and ways to stay current with the constantly evolving tech world. They are looking forward to your questions too!

In alphabetical order:


We got recognized experts and active community members to join the Ask-the-Experts session on November 4th.

  • sarah.detzler, Competence Lead Data Science and Machine Learning

  • andreas.forster, Machine Learning enthusiast in SAP's global Center of Excellence

  • krtk, Senior Data Scientist working on Machine Learning research for developing intelligent applications for enterprise software

will be there to answer your questions about the real-life experience in preparing, training, deploying and maintaining Machine Learning models using SAP HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP AI Business Services and SAP AI Foundation.

Fun Friday: Let's talk Coding for Kids

Did you know that SAP develops an open-source visual programming language for Computing Education? Snap! is the programming language kids in Silicon Valley learn in high school and college students at UC Berkeley used to explore the Beauty and Joy of Computing.

jadga.huegle and jmoenig prepared two sessions for you on Friday, November 5th:

  1. Snap! Designing a Programming Language for All Children, and

  2. Snap! Programming Beauty and Joy.

If you are collecting Devtoberfest points, then please answer the question at after watching these sessions.

Coding challenge

During Devtoberfest 2020 mathias.kemeter and markus.fath did a great overview of SAP HANA multi-model capabilities.

Why not do a simple hands-on coding challenge exercise this year, while working on geospatial data from OpenStreetMap representing SAP headquarter campus in Walldorf, Germany?

What a coincidence! In parallel to our Devtoberfest, there is a separate global 30 Day Map Challenge starting on November 1st. Thanks to Devtoberfest you are getting a good start and a solid base to join that cool challenge too 🌏🌍🌎

Data && Analytics tutorials

We love to see you sharing your Devtoberfest Gameboards and badges on social media! Thanks fabien_henique, 74f0fa86ea4c486c960f9add6f0b9305, chandan_pradhan_126, 5b60217fdcaf4502801f587a5b9dba56, sandeep.techie, 30fb700ba8324cf6a2790bae5ac6e7b5 for recently sharing yours!

Week 5 is no different and gives you the opportunity to get new badges and more points, including those for successful completion of any (ideally, all 😉) of the selected set of Data && Analytics tutorials:

plus tutorials which are a part of the Scavenger Hunt:


See you next week!
-Vitaliy, aka @Sygyzmundovych

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