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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
As many of you surely have heard by now; SAP TechEd has become a virtual event this year. This gives the entire community the opportunity to rethink and re-imagine what a technology event should look like.  In that spirit, we have also been planning how to capture the experience of the pre-conference events, like SAP InnoJam of years' past.

I'm happy to announce the Devtoberfest event which kicks off the SAP TechEd 2020 season. Devtoberfest takes some of the best aspects of the traditional hackathon type event, such as learning by building something, but opens up the experience to the entire community and spreads across multiple weeks to better accommodate everyone's busy schedules. It's an event that is also designed for you to be able to participate asynchronous and on your own time schedule. As the idea formed we've seen an opportunity here to really build something that is truly a festival for developers.

Devtoberfest from SAP – An open celebration of what makes us developers – Coding and Collaboration!


Devtoberfest is a multi-week celebration by developers, for developers to kick off the SAP TechEd 2020 season. The event will launch on August 24th with 8 weeks of free technical enablement/educational online sessions open to the entire community to highlight key technologies and techniques and plant seed ideas for the final task. Some of the topics will include: SAP Cloud Platform, Kyma runtime, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori, ABAP, SAP Cloud Platform APIs and Workflow, Building Visual Studio Code extensions, and Running Community Open Source Projects.  We also have a few other surprise topics and presenters that we aren't quite ready to announce just yet.

Then the event will culminate in a one week, build sprint where teams will work on open source projects to complete a challenge.

The challenge is: Come up with your own developer problem and solve it for the pure love of being a developer.  Build something that makes your fellow SAP developers' lives better and do so in open source so that everyone can share in it.  All projects during the build sprint will be given back to the SAP developer community.  What you decide to build could be a tool, a library, or even just a code sample. Or even an enhancement to an existing community project.

The real "prize" here is for the whole developer community which will benefit from what is built or started during this event.  But its also an opportunity to learn, have some fun and maybe connect with your fellow SAP developers in a new and interesting way.

Git is the open tool that developers most use to share code and therefore it will be the foundation of this event as well. The central "home" of the event will even be a GitHub repository.  Code, collaboration, planning, submission, support and answers from SAP, etc - it will all be done via a GitHub repository:

The whole SAP developer community is invited and encouraged to participate.  Like any open source, project teams are expected to do as much as possible in the open and even accept issues and pull request from non-team members during the build sprint. While many of you might only be interested in joining the enablement/educational sessions (which is fine), our hope is to also get some new people involved in open source development in the SAP ecosystem as well.

How to Enter

Even if you aren't sure yet if you want to create or contribute to an open source project, everyone is welcome to attend any of the educational enablement sessions. We will do live sessions with interactive elements across multiple time zones; but we have also structured all the content to be easily consumed and followed after the initial premier as well. We are trying to be as open and available to a global audience as possible.

We encourage anyone interested in any aspect of Devtoberfest to please register via Eventbrite. We can use this registration to inform you of any important information about Devtoberfest. If you want to participate in the contest/building challenge, then you must register as an individual with Eventbrite.

In order to track the open source projects that will be judged, we also ask that you add the URL to your project in the entry.txt of the sap-devetoberfest-2020 GitHub repository via pull request.


We want to recognize the contributions and work done in open source for our community in general and more specifically as part of Devtoberfest. Therefore we will have a round of judging of all the project submissions to narrow down to a list of finalist which will later be voted upon by the community.  The criteria for our judging is:

  • How relevant/helpful is your solution to other SAP developers

  • No commercial license - Suggested Licenses

  • How well does it utilize the key SAP technologies

  • How much of it was actually built during the event and how much was reuse. Existing projects are allowed, but judging will focus on commits done during the Contest Period.

  • Technological fascination. Innovative use of technology. Use of multiple types of technology. Use of popular trending technology.

  • Entertainment value. Does the presentation of the project grab your attention? Does it stand out compared to others? Does it tell a story that is memorable?

  • Only pull requests/commits from users who have met the individual eligibility requirements will be considered.

Enablement Topics

We have already released the initial list of the enablement topics here:

From this page you find the topic descriptions, detailed content, links to exercises, the schedule of the live events, and links to recordings. This is an initial list and we will be adding more sessions and details as the event progresses.


We have an overview schedule of topics per week visible here in the Kanban board for the project. This is useful if you want to quickly see how the topics are spread out over the 8 weeks.

Each topic page will also list the detailed dates, times and URLs. Once you register for the event, we will also notify you via e-mail of the major events in the schedule.

Questions, Comments, or Feedback

Questions about the event? Or the judging? Need some help getting your open source project? Or maybe you have a follow up question after participating in one of the educational enablement sessions? For any question or comment related to Devtoberfest we ask that you please create an issue in this repository.

Legal Stuff

It wouldn't be any kind of event or contest without some legal content that I'm sure everyone will read in full detail. The legal terms and conditions of for this event are detailed in the TOC.