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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this final article of my series of blog posts about efficient DevOps with SAP BTP, I plan to give a first glimpse on the planned offerings for the overarching Automate & Optimize phase of SAP’s DevOps portfolio – for an overview of the overall offering and all categories, please start with this blog post.

In the Automate & Optimize phase, your DevOps team shall focus on optimizing the tasks, procedures and efforts for handling the complete lifecycle of your apps.


For this, we plan to provide a central service that shall offer an integrated management of DevOps aspects for your apps, where many of the offerings and approaches discussed in this blog post series would come together - such as in form of a central DevOps cockpit that could offer:

  1. Insights into the landscape relevant for a specific app, enriched with analytical data that would point you to the right areas that might need improvement,

  2. Collaboration options for the complete DevOps team, so that different contributions to an optimization could be aligned and could come together in one place,

  3. The integrated management of relevant DevOps procedures, so that you could take immediate action.


The following figure shows an early mockup of the overview pane such a management service could provide. For a given application, you would get a role-specific view on what is going on and a central entry point to manage it. For example, you could get the status and manage the corresponding toolchain and defined releases, handle landscape-wide deployments including history and analytic information around it, investigate the current and forecasted health of your app, trigger remediation procedures in case of issues, and collaborate with your DevOps team mates on the remediation, signaled potential improvements and other ongoing activities:


I plan to provide more insights here, as soon as we have elaborated further on the actual scope of this planned central service – so, please follow this blog post to get informed about upcoming updates. And if you should have any ideas or requirements that you would like to be considered, please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime!

With this, we reached the end of the blog post series – thanks a lot for joining this little journey about how to apply DevOps principles efficiently for your projects around developing and operating apps on SAP BTP! I hope you found some inspiration how to tackle important aspects more efficiently along your personal journey! And please feel free to reach out to me in case of questions and to share any experience you made with applying DevOps principles around your projects running on our platform!