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SAP at customer is not only about new solutions, but also about dealing with them – implementing, deploying, making sure everything is working as it should, and operating the live ones, no matter if it is cloud or on-premise. Every customer is looking for the ways to optimize the processes, ensure the quality of introduced changes and fasten time to deployment.

One of the ways to achieve that is DevOps methodology. DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations aiming to enable better alignment between those two processes. It spans across several “traditional” ALM scenarios like test management, release management and application operations and requires not only the tools but – most importantly – a mindset shift. DevOps is gaining more and more popularity, and SAP has also something to offer to its customers.

We have released a new learning program in SAP Enterprise Support value map for Application Lifecycle Management. (Not sure what value maps are? See below.) It will provide the customers with the knowledge on DevOps in the context of SAP: what is it and why it might be useful, how SAP itself is adopting it and what best practices, tools and services SAP is offering for both cloud and hybrid and ABAP world.

In the “DevOps in the context of SAP” learning program we have gathered the cornerstone assets, whitepapers and wikis to empower the customers on the topic. Since DevOps is a broad notion, we have divided the program in blocks, like introduction into the topic, examples of DevOps approach at SAP, tools and best practices by SAP, DevOps with SAP Cloud Platform and DevOps with ABAP, so that you can review and learn what is relevant for you. We have invited experts and product managers to share knowledge and latest updates with the learners, so you will find a series of short videos on a range of topics recorded by them specially for our Value Map.

You can check it out in our Learning Programs catalog in the SAP Enterprise Support value map for Application Lifecycle Management (you need to be registered first – please see below).

Wondering what the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps are? Just keep reading.

SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps are like a navigation system that guides you to the right SAP support services, tools, and offerings to achieve a desired objective that is your final destination. Value maps give you access to the knowledge, skills, peers and an SAP expert that you can collaborate with at any time.

We invite you to read more about SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps on the SAP Support Portal* with an easy access here.

Registration is available under the link above.

* Valid S-user is required to enter the SAP Support Portal